Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations: The Big Ten



Moving along here comes the Big Ten




Cory Billingsley (Sweetwater) 2011

Slowed by a tender ankle but you wouldn't know it watching his effort, tough in the post, dominates other guards with sheer strength, runs the show from the lead guard spot.

Tyrece Irons (Oak Ridge) 2011

Played well in every aspect of the game, defended very hard, finishes his drives to the rim and was able to knock down the set open shot, ball-handling needs tightened.

Chase Atkins (Cocke County) 2011

System player who goes very hard and absorbs contact inside, showed he could shoot the ball if left open, physical inside worker.

JuJuan Williams (Knoxville West) 2011

He has the whole package, can shoot, handle, athletic like an antelope, when and where will he put it all together, hopefully very soon.

Tuomas Ebeling (Jefferson County) 2012

Hard worker really took to the post entry play but needs to add strength in his upper body to truly be effective. Great feel on the boards, he has a chance to be very good.

Preston Russell (Tellico Plains) 2012

Active, better than you'd think athlete loves to go right and does most of his damage off the dribble, maybe a bit too much off the dribble but he goes hard and hits the glass hard as well.

Brandon Hawkins (Cumberland County) 2012

Smart player who played at a comfortable tempo to be successful, has a good shot and showed a pull-up jumper in transition, must work on handles and taking it hard to the rim.

Ethan Simpson (Campbell County) 2013

Young point guard knows his role and plays unselfish, defends hard and gives maximum effort. Must work on his offensive package, become a threat and tighten his handles.

Josh Saults (Elizabethton) 2013

"Little dude can go" was a quote from one evaluator and we agree this youngster had some slickness to his gait. Proved he could score off the dribble, plays smart and got his teammates involved.

Aaron Miller (Elizabethton) 2013

Fundamentally sound youngster who craves contact and proved he could finish inside despite being hammered on many an occasion. Hits the offensive glass hard and will need to work on his footwork and explosion.





Landon Hilton (Lenoir City) 2011

Consummate point guard with excellent handles and sees the floor exceptionally well, plays tough defense takes charges and makes his teammates better.

Matthew Potter (Cloudland) 2011

Solid skill set for an active wing that does a lot of things well but nothing spectacular, plays within himself, runs the floor, solid overall player.

Devon Forgety (Volunteer) 2011

Very good hands allow him to be very effective on the boards, he understands positioning and plays with an effort that allows him to grab caroms out of his area, needs to work on his shooting stroke.

Matt Stanley (Happy Valley) 2011

Much better athlete than he looks, showed a very nice stroke and exceptional hops around the bucket, great basketball IQ, and must add a left hand to his game.

Cody Malicotte (Jellico) 2012

Big, tough, strong, nasty and smooth describe how Cody played, tough and relentless on the glass, either end, defends in the post and can take you to the elbow and beyond to knock down his smooth jumper, getting back into shape.

Tyree Nightingale (East Literature) 2012

Active point guard, who played very unselfish and got all his teammates involved the entire day, will take it hard to the bucket if left open, good shot and a pull-up game.

Logan Brewer (Polk County) 2012

Interior beast that plays comfortable with his back to the basket and will finish over either shoulder with a baby hook or power lay-in, soft shooting stroke and finishes with contact.

Trey Henderson (Cookeville) 2013

Strong for his age and used his power to score some tough buckets, skill level needs work but his athleticism is emerging quietly, work on his shooting.

Chase McGhee (Jefferson County) 2013

Understands the transition game and made the right decision with the ball more often than not, plays aggressive, work on his offensive skills and ball-handling in traffic.

Hunter Hopson (Happy Valley) 2013

Long and thin but active and played with effort while on the floor, very good interior passer, needs to look to post up more and utilize his length, too much dribbling at times but effort is there.





Shariff Cobb (CSAS) 2011

Good handles and changed speeds going to the basket to outsmart unknowing defenders, great vision and makes the easy pass for the convenient score, can finish with either hand.

V.J. Brown (Hardin Valley) 2011

Workout warrior, plays with intensity and never gives up on a play, shot is good but need to be quickened; footwork is improving, showed an outstanding burst to the basket that needs to be seen much more frequently.

Logan Lyle (Unicoi County) 2011

Smooth like velvet, feathery jumper from mid-range to well beyond the three, better than average athlete, understands the game and is a coach's dream.

Micah Smith (Volunteer) 2011

Long athlete with no fear of putting the ball in the hoop, outside shot needs some tweaking but not bad, work on getting a left hand for interior buckets, played hard at all times.

Phillip Stephens (Knoxville Catholic) 2011

Improving footwork, improving offensive skill package and he plays with a relentless abandon, still needs to strength his hands but the improvement is marked and obvious.

Nathan Lester (Lenoir City) 2012

Nice open shooter from the corners, knocked down several jumpers in the half court sets, at his size work on becoming more point guard oriented and decision making, plays fast and defends hard.

Trey Suttles (Red Bank) 2012

Big, strong, physical presence inside, grabbed tons of missed shots and scored on numerous put backs and short inside moves, must leave his comfort zone at times and venture on the perimeter, work on his shooting and ball skills, you can do it.

Blake Arnold (Cumberland Gap) 2013

Smart player who doesn't appear quick but gets by his defender to score at the rim, he can put it on the floor and makes his way, work on his shooting to compliment his drives.

Oteriah Lee (CAK) 2014

Fearless, the top attribute that we look for in players this young, Little "O" goes hard, plays defense and can knock down an open shot, he needs to add strength to finish his drives and adapt to scoring with either hand.

Joseph Hairston (Loudon) 2013

Plays hard and was effective inside and on the glass, really needs to work on his outside shooting and ball handling.





Ohio State

Nick Ellis (Notre Dame) 2011

Intelligent player who doesn't do anything he cannot do, great vision always looks to the open man, good outside stroke; work on his ball-handling in tight situations.

Wesley Ritchie (Ooltewah) 2011

Long and athletic, goes hard to the rim on occasion but settled for the outside shot a lot, has a good finish but must get his release higher, especially against better athletes.

Damien Edwards (North Carolina) 2011

"Rip Hamilton, never stops moving like a Mako Shark", is what one of our evaluators said about the North Carolina product. He showed solid handles, played hard on both ends of the floor, dove for loose balls, showed out very well.

Elliott Satterfield (Jefferson County) 2011

Strong player coming off an injury which limited his conditioning at times, showed he could score when he slowed to a tempo of his choosing and became much more effective on both ends of the court.

Chad Nabors (Knoxville Webb) 2012

Tough, hard-nosed little guy who plays so hard and leads with passion, shoots the ball very well and controls the tempo of the game

Kaseem Davidson (Oak Ridge) 2012

Athletic and fundamentally sound in the transition game, must improve in the half court setting and work on his decision making with the ball, a good defender with his strength.

Matt Holland (Grace Christian) 2014

Good size for his age and plays very hard on defense can shoot the ball from 15 to 18 feet with accuracy when feet are set.

Clay Leatherwood (Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2014

Youngster sees the floor and has a soft shot, can finish with either hand and when he gets some body strength his game will flourish, we will be watching.

Michael Hotz (Morristown West) 2012

Good size and length, understands his place on the court but limited physical strength made it tough at times, could be good in a half court offense with upper body and hand strength.