Carson Newman Showcase Evaulations: The Big East



Are you ready for the Big East......



Connecticut (UConn)

Nick Oliver (Jefferson County) 2011

Unlimited range proved to be arguably one of the best shooters in the camp; Oliver showed good vision but must finish his drives to the rim.

Sherrius Smith (Hardin Valley) 2012

Played very well, scoring inside or knocking down a better than we originally had thought outside shot, Smith played tough defense but must become a leader at the point.

Garrett Buckner (Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2011

Glue guy does a lot of different things on the floor that don't necessarily show up in the statistics. Can knock down the outside shot, rebounds, and passes well, great effort.

Brooks Richardson (Jefferson County) 2011

Played very hard defense, on and off the ball, great from the help side, he found ways to score in the open court.

DeSham Walker (Grainger) 2012

Athletic player who went hard to the glass and played good on the ball defense, Walker shot the ball ok and needs to work on his handles to become more effective.

Andrew Barnett (Pigeon Forge) 2012

Has a great feel for the game and understands how to play, Barnett struggled with his shot at first but as all good shooters know it comes around and he got his rhythm, like to see more off the dribble to make the outside shot even more of a weapon.

Dejan McGill (Austin East) 2013

Young point guard plays with passion and intensity, wonderful defender and can score off the dribble. Work on his decision making as he gets older, bright future for sure.

Dallas Fields (Knoxville Central) 2014

Very impressed by this incoming freshman, played well above his years, Fields has great vision, shoot good enough at this stage and plays very intelligent. He will obviously need strength but has a bright future if he continues to work.

Jordan Huddleston (Kingston) 2013

Big body and good on the boards once he calmed to the pace of the game, Jordan has a hook over either shoulder and was excellent on the outlet pass. Work on footwork and quickness.




Brandon Lopez (Austin East) 2011

Fierce defender who rarely turns the ball over and takes charge of a team from the moment he steps on the floor, Lopez must pick up his offense, he is capable.

A.C. Eddins (Knoxville Central) 2011

Energetic player who finds ways to score, be it the post or mid-range jumpers, would like to see more effort on the defensive end.

Tucker Parkerson (Lenoir City) 2011

Every team needs a guy who does the dirty work and if he can knock down a deep three that's a bonus, Parkerson is a glue guy who plays smart and knows his role, very valuable.

Otis Littlejohn (Knoxville West) 2011

Very disruptive defender despite not being the quickest player on the floor, Otis understands angles and his hustle makes up for any shortcomings. He found ways to score going to the bucket and finishing with either hand, stroked the outside shot as well.

Lester Wilson (Carter) 2011

Physically unmatched at the camp so we expect more from him than most players, "The Action Figure" was motivated in a couple games and was untouchable therefore.

Justin Wandell (Elizabethton) 2012

Very surprised by the skill level of Wandell, shot the ball well, needs to get it off quicker, and used both hands to finish off the dribble, rebounded well for a guard, smart player.

Andre Wilson (Austin East) 2014

Small and young but we could see he has an understanding for what he wants to accomplish just doesn't yet have the strength to make it happen, shoots the ball very well.

Alex Fountain (Wartburg Central) 2013

Strategically placed Alex on this team to see how he would fare and he passed with flying colors. One evaluation stated "You wouldn't expect him to stand out on this team but he did". Much more aggressive, dropping the short jumper at will and keeps the ball high off the glass; he is strength away from being devastating.




Nathan Sherrod (Jefferson County) 2011

Hard nosed point guard showed leadership skills and scored on a variety of pull-up jumpers in the lane.

Michael Kron (Greenback) 2011

Tough combo guard who gave a lot of effort on both ends of the floor, he got more comfortable as the day went on with the speed of the game.

Nathaniel Hughes (Hampton) 2011

High energy hustler who never gives up on a play, Nate was knocking down the jumper, passing to open teammates and slicing his way to the rim, loved his effort.

Tevin Rutledge (Cleveland) 2011

Exceptional athlete with quick feet and speed, Rutledge played fearless and makes most of his buckets going to the rim or off the offensive glass, must work on his shooting stroke.

Jake Wright (Oneida) 2012

Displayed good footwork, a nice jump hook and was natural in coming off the ball screen, Wright certainly needs to get in better condition and add strength to his frame.

Darien Johnson (Bradley Central) 2012

Tough, hard nosed leader with a nice stroke from outside, Johnson made good decisions with the ball and defended at a very high level.

Ross Cannon (Anderson County) 2012

Solid defender uses his added strength to gain position and keep his opponent from getting past him, good shooter, capable of playing the two or the three this season.

Jordan Belvin (Loudon) 2013

Young and tough, Belvin plays with a lot of effort and works very hard at improving his skills, loves to guard the ball and works to make himself a playmaker.

Dylan McClellan (Cloudland) 2013

Another tough hard nosed youngster who made plays when he was in the game, we like to watch for toughness and fearlessness from the young players in our camps and he showed plenty of both.

Carson Brooks (Knoxville West) 2012

Big man played hard and showed he could knock down the outside shot as well, Brooks has a lot of skill and needs to add a couple of extra go to moves to his repertoire and work on his footwork and explosion. Love his progress since last year.





Dre Matthieu (Knoxville Central) 2011

Played a very outstanding brand of ball the entire day, Dre was active from a leadership role and on defense; he scored in transition and displayed a motor that never quit. "Exceptional Leaper", one evaluation read.

Derrick Hankins (Cumberland County) 2011

"Junkyard Dog" made plays on both ends of the floor, knocked down some outside shots off penetration and proved to be a valuable teammate the entire day. Tough.

Tee Steinmetz (Oakdale) 2011

Very good shooter off the transition penetrate and kick, made plays on balance and got people involved with unselfish play from the wing.

Jamison Baker (Austin East) 2011

Athletic combo played hard and showed energy and bounce, especially fought hard on the offensive glass. Wiry wing scores off put backs must work on his shot.

Phillip Stanford (Knoxville West) 2011

Very good stroke from not only the mid-range but also from behind the arc started very slow but picked up his effort as the camp moved along. "Tookie" can score inside or out and needs to believe in himself more.

Ben Arnold (Cumberland Gap) 2012

Plays hard and can get to the rim off the dribble, plays with passion and has good footwork, tends to stop moving on possessions and takes himself out of the play.

Travis Vest (Jefferson County) 2012

Can play the two or the three and has some length which is helpful on the glass, he shoots the ball ok and played tough defense.

Cory Poteet (Campbell County) 2013

Young guard can shoot the ball from deep and plays with a toughness and love for the game, he relies on the outside shot too much and must work on his decision making.

Luke Matthews (Stone Memorial) 2014

Very smooth and plays at a nice tempo despite his young age, Luke is a finesse player who can score and plays with a great deal of confidence which is vital for any young player as they enter the high school game.

Seth Shearman (Meigs County) 2013

Youngster has good size and plays hard, needs to add strength and demand the ball on his post up, time will take care of some of this.