“The Real Thing” Leads Our Sub-State Scoring List

joe jackson.jpg

State is around the corner and my freinds this a wonderful time of the year.

After seeing the face of the White Station players last season, especially Joe Jackson, after their semi-final loss I knew anything less than another trip to state would be a huge disappointment. 

Jackson dropped 32 against in the Spartans sub-state victory over Liberty Tech to help them advance to the show in the ;boro.

Tyler Thompson (Collinwood) also had a big night despite losing to Clarksville Academy, the steady senior pitched in 32 of his own. 

Lets take a look at the rest of the list in scoring order:

Nick Ross (Red Bank) 29pts vs. Oakland

Jacob Munsey (Union County) 29pts vs. Carter

Douglas Rosser (BTW) 28pts vs. Dyer County

Logan Harville (Summertown) 28pts vs. Eagleville

Jamal Hughes (Oakland) 27pts vs. Red Bank

Jamarious Alderson (Clarksville Northeast) 27pts vs. Hunters Lane

Emmanuel Andrews (Shelbyville) 25pts vs. Walker Valley

Fred Sturdivant (Brainerd) 25pts vs. Upperman

Josh Odem (Science Hill) 25pts vs. Oak Ridge

D'Alvin Brown (Covington) 24pts vs. Sheffield

Marcus Crawford (Sheffield) 24pts vs. Covington

Cory Nelson (Eagleville) 24pts vs. Summertown

David Ware (Walker Valley) 24pts vs. Shelbyville

Brandon Herman (Grace Baptist) 23pts vs. Clarkrange

Chase Dunn (Livingston Academy) 23pts vs. Tyner Academy

Kedren Johnson (Marshall County) 23pts vs. Bolivar Central

Trey Carruthers (Harpeth) 23pts vs. Lipscomb

Larry McGaughey (BTW) 23pts vs. Dyer County

Lester Wilson (Carter) 23pts vs. Union County

Reece Chamberlain (Beech) 22pts vs. Franklin

Tevin Crayton (Humboldt) 22pts vs. Scotts Hill

James Gallman (Fulton) 21pts vs. Unicoi County

Martin Smith (Clarksville Academy) 21pts vs. Collinwood

Bobby Wilson (Shelbyville) 21pts vs. Walker Valley

Brandon Andrews (Temple) 21pts vs. Clay County

Ethan Christian (Upperman) 20pts vs. Brainerd

Rex Pierce (Dyer County) 20pts vs. BTW

Hunter Hayes (Scotts Hill) 20pts vs. Humboldt

Logan Lyle (Unicoi County) 20pts vs. Fulton