Tennessee Prep Hoops All Region Teams (Regions 7AA-8AA)

I am behind in posting these all-region teams as I have done the past 12 years but I am determined to get them out. Here are my selections for the Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region teams. This is data that I have compiled over the season with input from coaches and other folks whose opinions I value. There will be a Region MVP and a 10 member All-Region team with 5 to 8 honorable mention selections. The All Region teams will be list alphabetically after the MVP.





Region 7AA

District 13AA Regular Season Champions: Bolivar Central

District 13AA Tournament Champions: Bolivar Central

Projected 13AA District MVP: Jamarion Anderson  (Bolivar Central)

District 14AA Regular Season Champions: Douglass

District 14AA Tournament Champions: Douglass

Projected 14AA District MVP: Tyler Johnson (Douglass)


Region 7AA All-Region Team

Tyler Johnson (Douglass) MVP

Jamarion Anderson (Bolivar Central)

Jarmon Brittman (Douglass)

TaQuez Butler (Douglass)

Larry Hampton (Trezevant)

Luke Ledbetter (Scott's Hill)

Kylan McNeal (Bolivar Central)

Herman Powell (Douglass)

Randy White (MBA)

Teryck White (MLK Prep)


Honorable Mention

Ripken Clenny (Scott's Hill)

Adaylon Cross (Bolivar Central)

Riley Jowers (Scott's Hill)

Cole Lackey (Riverside)

Braden Nye (Madison)

Kristian Poplar (Bolivar Central)

Marvin Warren (Trezevant)






Region 8AA

District 15AA Regular Season Champions: KIPP

District 15AA Tournament Champions: KIPP

Projected 15AA District MVP: D'Antonie Haskins (Manassas)

District 16AA Regular Season Champions: Power Center Academy

District 16AA Tournament Champions: Power Center Academy

Projected 16AA District MVP: Jordan Allen (Hillcrest)


Region 2AAA All-Region Team

Jordan Allen (Hillcrest) MVP

Nazier Allen (Power Center Academy)

Paul Bradford (Freedom Prep)

Cameron Brown (Mitchell)

Delrico Grady (KIPP)

D'Antonie Haskins (Manassas)

Xavier Herron (Hillcrest)

Jerrod Mackey (Hillcrest)

Cordarius Sledge (Power Center Academy)

Nick Wiggens (Power Center Academy)


Honorable Mention

Olyn Bacchus (Hillcrest)

Rayshun Golden (Sheffield)

Radarius Jackson (Sheffield)

Tyler Lucas (Mitchell)

Jumarion McKinnie (Oakhaven)

Jordan Patterson (KIPP)

Marquis Tunstall (Power Center Academy)