Super 80 Registration Information….Potential Rosters

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Mid-South Basketball Academy begins the second year of their Super 80 fall league with registration beginning on August 23rd from 12:00 to 2:00.

The registration will be held at Wooddale Middle School and White Station High School on the assigned times.

Players were hand selected and have been placed on teams but are still required to attend registration. Each participating player will be required to bring $20.00 along with parent or guardian to registration.

For more information call Eric Robinson at 901-864-0415 or 901-237-2175 or email at

Games will begin on September 6th.

Rosters may be subject to change depending on registration but they are tentatively as follows:


Hakim Anderson-Craigmont

Marterrace Brock-Ridgeway

Patrick Coleman-White Station

Johnny Dunavent-Bolton

Montez Fifer-Southwind

Larry McGaughey-BTW

Aparecio Peggins-Lausanne

Chris Price-Kirby

Tyler Stone-Memphis Central

Gregg Wooten-Braircrest Christian



Tim Allen-Whitehaven

Marquiten Brown-Lausanne

Ronald Brown-Raleigh-Egypt

Walter Davis-Southwind

Terrence Durham-Craigmont

Octavious Ellis-Whitehaven

Myron Johnson-Whitehaven

Cedric McAfee-Craigmont

Nathaniel Rucker-Melrose



Reggie Fondren-Raleigh-Egypt

Ferrakohn Hall-White Station

James Hampton-Ridgeway

Jeremy Holmes-Raleigh-Egypt

Andre Hollins-White Station

Austin Hollis-Germantown

Chris House-Kirby

Steadman Hurdle-Craigmont

Bobby Ray Parks-St. George's

Marquis Wilson-Wooddale



Anthony Borden-West Memphis

Leonard Draper-Mitchell

LaTarik Flowers-Kirby

Stephen Franchise-ECS

Cadarrio Macklin-Ridgeway

Nicholas Mason-Fairley

Monterrious Brown-Ridgeway

Shawn Terry-Oakhaven



Drew Barham-CBHS

Kris Brewer-Ridgeway

Ian Clark-Germantown

Blake Daniels-Braircrest Christian

Masceo Harmon-Memphis Central

Zach Jones-Craigmont

Quinton Alton-Fairley

Ladarius Perkins-White Station

Jeremy Whitmore-Raleigh-Egypt



Alex Anderson-Wooddale

Mario Bass-Kirby

Frankie Bougher-Christian Brothers

LeMelvis davis-Wooddale

Henry Green-White Station

Leslie McDonald-Braircrest Christian

Tim Peete-Memphis Central

Bryant Reams-Lausanne

Johnny Williams-Braircrest Christian

Marvin Williams-White Station



Tarik Black-Ridgeway

Michael Chatman-Collierville

Joe Jackson-White Station

Darryl Marshall-Ridgeway

Darrious Paige-Southwind

Casey Prather-Jackson Northside

Jerrell Stokes-Memphis Central

Adonis Thomas-Melrose

Mardracus Wade-Mitchell



Reginald Buckner-Manassas

Chris Carr-Memphis Central

Marcus Crawford-Sheffield

A.J. Cunningham-Cordova

Evan Devould-Whitehaven

Cameron Golden-Ridgeway

Gentry Hines-Raliegh-Egypt

Telvin Wilkerson-Melrose