Siegel Play Day Schedule and Participants



The sound of the shoes squeaking on the hardwood, the whistles blowing, the coaches shouting...aah the wonderful sounds of basketball.  


Practice began statewide this Monday and the balls began bouncing.


Over at Siegel High School in Murfreesboro this Saturday action begins with one of the better play days you will find anywhere in the state.


Four teams, Siegel, Clarksville Northeast, Bearden and Tyner Academy made the state tournament last season in their respective classifications and they ascend on the Stars home court to begin action for the 2010-2011 season.


Many of the state's top players will be on hand for the event:


Hunter's Lane: Billy Hughes, Isaac Harris

Clarksville Northeast: Alex Poythress

CPA: Craig Bradshaw, Jalen Lindsey

Station Camp: Mark Brown, Brad McClung

Siegel: Cedric Williams, Stephen Hurt, Oscar Butler

Giles County: Lake Jones, Tamarius McKinnie, Al Cooper, Darius Gardner

Cane Ridge: Greg Brooks

Tyner Academy: Trey Suttles, Travis Jones, Damien Suttles

Red Bank: Nick Ross, Kelvin Clay

Bearden: Rico White, Ty Greene, Drew Standifer, Dion Fair, Will Winton, Spencer Peake, DeQuan Wright,

The schedule is as follows:


Main Gym:

8:00     Gallatin vs. Hunter's Lane

9:00     Station Camp vs. DeKalb County

10:00   Siegel vs. Clarksville Northeast

11:00   Tyner Academy vs. Giles County

12:00   Siegel vs. Cane Ridge

1:00     Bearden vs. Clarksville Northeast

2:00     Siegel vs. Bearden

3:00     DeKalb County vs. Hunter's Lane

4:00     DeKalb County vs. Red Bank

Auxiliary Gym



8:00     Clarksville Northeast vs. CPA

9:00     Giles County vs. Cane Ridge

10:00   CPA vs. Gallatin

11:00   Hunter's Lane vs. Red Bank

12:00   Gallatin vs. Bearden

1:00     Station Camp vs. Tyner Academy

2:00     CPA vs. Red Bank

3:00     Station Camp vs. Giles County

4:00     Tyner Academy vs. Cane Ridge