Respect for Tennessee’s Ballers

What is up!  Time to "Speak The Truth." 

I would first like to congratulate all the state participants and the state champions.  The champions held it down for Tennessee and showcased their talents.  I would also like to congratulate the Mr. Basketball finalists and winners.  M.J. Brown, Terrico White, Jason Jones, and Justin Blake are good friends of mine.   I know they worked real hard in the summer and during the season to make it to the top. 

I did have a favorite to win the state though.  Since I'm from West TN, I wanted Dyer or Mitchell to bring it back home for AA.  Fulton did their thing.  Union City and Ridgeway brought that gold home though.  Everyone who played ball this year has my respect.  If you could go compete two or three times a week and practice everyday then you are good in my book.  This is my view from the state so check out my college status on my next entry.  I am "The Truth"