From The Beach To The Peach…Ballerz Gearing Up

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Think July is not busy, then riddle me this.

The Mid-State Ballerz made a quick trip over to the Atlantic Slam event in Myrtle Beach and before they could even get their bearings it's off to the Peach State Summer Showcase in Augusta.

Very good idea by the organizers of this event having another laternative with all the coaches in Augusta for the Paech Jam.

At the Atlantic Slam the mid-State Ballerz South behind excellent play from Skylar McBee (Grainger), Charles Taylor (Humboldt) and Nathan "Stat-Man" Parker (Bearden) finished 2-2 against a surprisingly tough field. They head to Augusta battle tested and with the services of point man Deonte Alexander (Glencliff) who missed the earlier event with family issues.

The Mid-State Ballerz North completed their tour of Myrtle Beach also 2-2 and recieved quality effort from Josh Odom (Science Hill), Jamal Lundy (Austin East) and Collin Crane (Karns). worth noting 16 and under star Demarius Smith (Kenwood) played up with the North squad at this event and was outstanding including a 29 points effort in the opening game.

The Ballerz East squad also showed their merit by finishing 2-1 and gaining confidenece for their trek through Augusta. Trey Carruthers (Harpeth), Tevin Crayton (Humboldt) and Dustin Baxter (Upperman) all had outstanding efforts in the Slam.

All three Ballerz squads and their 16's will be in action at Augusta.