College, College, College

I'm back for another addition of "Speaking The Truth."

As the end of the year approaches, it is about time to make an important decision in my life: college.  College is going to be the next level for a lot of seniors.  I am going to the University of...........I haven't quite made that up yet, but I'm getting closer and closer as the days pass by.  I'm looking to go somewhere where I can get the best education possible.  That is what going to college is all about--the education.  I understand that every baller's dream is to go to the NBA, play overseas, or play professionally somewhere.  Well, what if we don't.  My point:  the value of an education.  I haven't seen one individual who has ran the same speed or had the same strength as they did in their youth.  Your body will soon become of age, but that mind can continue to grow day by day.  

I plan to major in accounting or some sort of mathematical area.  I also want to become a coach one day and be like Coach K or Coach Tubby Smith....ha. 

I want a great college coach that will make me better.  Im talking about my weaknesses turning them into strengths.  My strengths turning them into the best.  

I also want to be part of a great basketball family.  Hopefully, if I graduate, I want to come back 5-10 years later and say, "There is no place like home." 

 I have received interest from another SEC school so the college thing is crazy right now.  It doesn't matter if it is a mid-major or a high major program.  It's about getting better and having a good basketball family.

In the meantime, I have several visits to take.  I'm prepared for those visits.  I sure am.  I have a little clipboard with about 25-30 questions on them.  They are simple,crazy, and hard questions.  Yes, I got to know all the details. 

While I'm waiting to get the college decision over, I am lifting weights and working on my ball handling.  The shooting part, I got to extend my range probably a couple of steps back.   Take care....

 I am "The Truth"