Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League Master Schedule and Updated Rosters

Saturday is just around the corner, all the players have been contacted and the games will tip at 9:00 at CPA. Below is a copy of the master game schedule and the updated rosters. All players who have been moved, which were only a handful have been notified through email. If you did not receive this notification and see that you have been moved contact me at andre@tnprephoops.com.




2014 Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League Master Schedule and Updated Rosters

SEC Teams are in the East Division

ACC Teams are in the West Division



September 6th @ CPA

9:00 Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee

10:00 Duke vs. Clemson

11:00 Kentucky vs. Florida

12:00 Georgia Tech vs. North Carolina

1:00 LSU vs. Wake Forest


September 13th @ CPA

9:00 North Carolina vs. Wake Forest

10:00 Florida vs. LSU

11:00 Vanderbilt vs. Kentucky

12:00 Duke vs. Georgia Tech

1:00 Tennessee vs. Clemson


September 27th @ CPA

9:00 Tennessee vs. LSU

10:00 Clemson vs. Wake Forest

11:00 Vanderbilt vs. Florida

12:00 Duke vs. North Carolina

1:00 Kentucky vs. Georgia Tech


October 4th @ CPA

9:00 Kentucky vs. LSU

10:00 Georgia Tech vs. Wake Forest

11:00 Tennessee vs. Florida

12:00 Clemson vs. North Carolina

1:00 Vanderbilt vs. Duke


October 11th @ CPA (Championship Day)

9:00 East #5 vs. West #5

10:00 East #4 vs. West #4

11:00 East #3 vs. West #3

12:00 East #2 vs. West #2

1:00 East #1 vs. West #1 (League Championship Game)




D’Marco Steele-Hillwood

Patrick Murphy-Independence

DeAndre Yokim-Hillwood

JaRyan Young-Northeast

Caleb Hollander-Home School

DeAngelo Carter-Sweet (White's Creek)

Grayson Murphy-Independence

Evan Heskje-Home School

Abdul Akinola-Cane Ridge

David Smith-Cane Ridge



Austin Fisher-Clarksville Academy

Thomas Booker-East Nashville

Aaron Hardison-West Creek

Cedriontis Wilson-Blackman

Tucker Campbell-Adamsville

James Kirk-East Nashville

Jordan Jeffries-Blackman

Bryson Baker-East Nashville

Damian Hardison-Clarksville Academy

Cooper Smith-Hendersonville



Tyger Campbell-CPA

Jaden Richmond-Cookeville

Shivonta Perry-Station Camp

Yalen Reed-Station Camp

Kennie Wade-Clarksville

Isaac Edmondson-Creek Wood

Evan Ragsdale-CPA

Clay Washburn-CPA

Jonathan Howard-Cane Ridge

Chase Hawkins-Lighthouse Christian



Braxton Nappier-Lighthouse Christian

Chase Nappier-Lighthouse Christian

Elijah McCoin-Northeast

Maurice Wright-Northeast

Nick Green-Northeast

Brad Allen-Greenbrier

James Deaton-CPA

Will McBee-Loretto

Kirkland Suratt-Loretto

Deshaun Doutherd-Lighthouse Christian



James McPherson-Brentwood

Alex Shaw-Hillwood

Grant Teichmann-Brentwood

Tanner Tapp-Brentwood

Isaiah Blacksmith-East Nashville

Andre Washington-Hillwood

Dominique Washington-East Nashville

Ryne Dickson-CPA

Jacoyah Webster-Columbia Central

Silas Clark (Cumberland County)



John Carter-Summit

Micah Davis-CPA

Jake West-Hendersonville

Austin Kirby-Hendersonville

Leon Howard-Nashville Overton

Chico Plunkett-Creek Wood

Spencer Reynolds-CPA

Mike Mayernick-CPA

Dawson Hamilton-Wilson Central

Alec Kirby-Hendersonville



Will Alexander-Maplewood

Max Yudkin-Hillsboro

Marquis Davis-LaVergne

Luke Charlton-DCA

Kevin Rimmer-Ezell-Harding

Ajalon Maynie-CPA

Jarrell Reeves-Oakland

Ricky Dunnaway-Oakland

Drew Scott-CPA

Jeff Seraphine-CPA



Georgia Tech

Trenton Crump-White’s Creek

DeMarco Simpson-White’s Creek

Roderick Waters-White’s Creek

Blake Kincaid-Grace Christian

Jalen Duke-MLK

Case Bouldin-Ravenwood

Brandon Dansoh-Cane Ridge

Braxton McKissack-USN

Taveres Hailey-MLK

Demontay Dixon-Grace Christian


North Carolina

Kenny Cooper-FRA

Coulter Dotson-Creek Wood

Steve Anderson-Lead Academy

Torey McGhee-East Nashville

Donovan Henry-MLK

Kevonta Davis-Hillsboro

Deonte Alley-Blackman

Jacob Nelson-Blackman

Jymon Smith-East Nashville

Austin Osborn-Independence


Wake Forest

Gabe Cummings-Creek Wood

Ross Cummings-Creek Wood

DeQuan Summers-Hillwood

Donovan Danielson-Hillsboro

Garrison Mathews-Franklin

Matthew Trotter-Montgomery Central

Blake Taylor-Brentwood Academy

Parker Brown-Perry County

Mike Parker-Maplewood

Jaden Lewis-Summit