Rocky Top High School Fall League Rosters (Knoxville)



Its that time again my friends. When the school year kicks back off a lot of people get excited about football season over in my world I know its Rocky Top Fall League time here in Knoxville.

We have expanded the league to 12 teams this year and have added a team from the Cleveland/Chattanooga area; as well as, two squads from the Tri-Cities area.

As always if someone is on a roster and is sure they cannot be there for majority of the games please let me know now. We have dozens upon dozens of players who wish to play. You can email me at if you have such an issue.

We are still in the process of gathering players for Team Johnson, which will be one of the Tri-Cities squads.. That complete roster will be posted when we have finalizations of participating players.

Now let's get to the good stuff here are the rosters for the Rocky Top High School Fall League for the Knoxville area.


Bradshaw Division


Team Sharp

Coach: Cameron Sharp

Danny Bates-Jefferson County

Izzy Gilbert-Alcoa

Thomas Mackey-Gatlinburg-Pittman

Steffan Schroeder-Gatlinburg-Pittman

Clay Leatherwood-Gatlinburg-Pittman

Micah Baker-Sevier County

Austin Arrington-Seymour

Trent Pope-Sevier County

Cody Underwood-Sevier County

Gunnar Gibson-Seymour



Team Smith

Coach: Tyler Smith

Alex Hill-Powell

Braxton Moore-Knoxville Halls

Austin Glasgow-Hardin Valley

Tanner Hill-Grace Christian

Matt Holland-Grace Christian

Kenny White-Knoxville Halls

Dallas Fields-Powell

Zak Carter-Hardin Valley

Deonta Bizzle-Brown-Hardin Valley

Luke Sheppard-Grace Christian



Team Burns

Coach: Brent Burns

Mac Browder-East Hamilton

Bradley McCurdy-Bradley Central

Kendrick Thompson-Cleveland

Levi Woods-Meigs County

Logan Cox-Bradley Central

Ben Snider-Ooltewah

Orlando Moore-Brainerd

Kenny Benton-East Hamilton

Alex Watkins-Tyner Academy

Sam Gregory-Walker Valley



Team Jackson

Coach: Boo Jackson

Stephen Butts-Scott

Caylor Tallent-Maryville

Kayln Andrade-Austin East

Jordan Bowden-Carter

Andre Wilson-Austin East

Cody Cummings-South Doyle

Tee Sanford-Knoxville Central

John Woodruff-Carter

Jake Myers-Scott

Will Doerger-Farragut



Team Tri-Cities


Patrick Good-David Crockett

Dylan Reppart-Daniel Boone

Tyleke Love-Dobyns-Bennett

Tyler Nichols-Elizabethton

Zeke Clark-Elizabethton

Grayson Ball-Sullivan North

David McFarlane-Volunteer

Dustin Day-David Crockett

Jake Logan-Morristown West

Darius Mathes-Morristown West




Team Watts

Coach: Brent Watts

Gage Spence-Stone Memorial

Kelvin Jackson-Fulton

Luke Shaffer-Union County

Brady Nease-Union County

Darius Filer-Fulton

Javien Johnson-Oak Ridge

Chase Hamilton-Fulton

Trey Bingham-Anderson County

Caleb Hayes-Anderson County

Lannom Sowell-Signal Mountain



Lofton Division



Team Matthews

Coach: Jack Matthews

Tyler Steinmetz-Oakdale

Clay Jenkins-Loudon

Quint Gasque-Kingston

Dylan Brewster-Lenoir City

Luke Matthews-Stone Memorial

Taylor Murray-Oliver Springs

Jay Tilley-Rockwood

Tyler Yoder-Stone Memorial

Justin Simmons-Stone Memorial

Jacob Cawood-Midway



Team Garman

Coach: Chris Garman

Geevantay Gee-Oak Ridge

Birdman McKamey-Clinton

Denzel Mills-Karns

Cole Lockard-Clinton

Devin Sibley-Karns

Darin Gillenwater-Campbell County

Roston Letner-Campbell County

Rand Clapp-Karns

Xavier Maddox-Oak Ridge

Isaac Merian-Oak Ridge



Team Driscoll

Coach: Devin Driscoll

Chris Zion-Knoxville Webb

Cameron Turner-Farragut

Ryan Henry-Knoxville Catholic

Austin Cox-Knoxville Webb

Matt Odem-Farragut

Brian Park-Farragut

Connor Ostrowski-Knoxville Catholic

Austen Rhoades-Knoxville Catholic

Daniel Linebaugh-Hardin Valley

Dean Miniard-Knoxville Webb



Team Riddick

Coach: Loren Riddick

Garrett Anderson-Alcoa

Nico White-Alcoa

Andrew Petree-Maryville

Tucker Riddick-Knoxville Webb

David Kinlaw-William Blount

Dalton Curtis-Maryville

Jake Long-Heritage

Daniel Brimer-Alcoa

Isaac Edmiston-Maryville

Jai Atkins-William Blount



Team Lee

Coach: Alex Lee

Quez Fair-Bearden

Oterriah Lee-CAK

Isaiah Campbell-Bearden

Lucas Campbell-CAK

Jack Graham-Bearden

Dylan Keck-CAK

Braden Strickland-Sequoyah

Seth Shaffer-Sequoyah

Taylor Hawkins-Sequoyah

Chris Cook-Knoxville West



Team Feltner

Coach: Kevin Feltner

Devin Stuart-Dobyns-Bennett

Bailey Lamb-Grainger

Corey Bates-Grainger

Kaden Wampler-Science Hill

John Fulkerson-Dobyns-Bennett

Jordan Bullins-Cumberland Gap

Jon Bryant-Jefferson County

Harper-Feltner-Jefferson County

Bryce Cusick-Jefferson County