Norl Named MVP of the Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League


The Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League came to an end last Saturday at CPA with Florida defeating Clemson on last second foul shots.




We have selected our All-League Teams for this year including our MVP. One of our criteria was attendance of at least 5 games to make the All-League teams and the final scoring list.


Here we go.


Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League All-League Teams


First Team

Daniel Norl (Kenwood) MVP

Matthew Hailey (Ravenwood)

Jacob Saunders (Cheatham County)

Jacob McCullough (Hendersonville)

Rob Marberry (FRA)


Second Team

Caleb Hollander (Home School)

Clay Hertel (DCA)

Jimario Rivers (Kenwood)

Jake Allsmiller (CPA)

Braxton Bonds (CPA)


Third Team

Coulter Dotson (Creek Wood)

Kin Webster (Hillsboro)

Ross Plunkett (Creek Wood)

Jeremiah Oatsvall (Brentwood Academy)

Jack Bautista (Brentwood)


Honorable Mention

Davis Anderton (Harpeth)

Ross Cummings (Creek Wood)

Jalen Duke (MLK)

Jalen Hunter (Goodpasture)

Christian Lynn (Goodpasture)

James McPherson (Brentwood)

Devin Pitts (Antioch)

Marco Steele (Hillwood)

Grant Teichmann (Brentwood)

Nick Young (Greenbrier)



Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League Final Scoring Leaders (Five Game Minimum)

Matthew Hailey (Ravenwood) 23.8

Jacob McCullough (Hendersonville) 23.4

Jacob Saunders (Cheatham County) 22.3

Jack Bautista (Brentwood) 19.4

Ross Plunkett (Creek Wood) 19.3

Caleb Hollander (Home School) 19.2

Jake Allsmiller (CPA) 19.0

Jeremiah Oatsvall (Brentwood Academy) 18.8

Braxton Bonds (CPA) 18.6

Coulter Dotson (Creek Wood) 18.2

Grant Teichmann (Brentwood) 18.0

Kin Webster (Hillsboro) 17.7

Daniel Norl (Kenwood) 17.3

Christian Lynn (Goodpasture) 16.8

Clay Hertel (DCA) 16.4

Jimario Rivers (Kenwood) 16.2

Jalen Hunter (Goodpasture) 15.8

Jalen Duke (MLK) 15.6

Nick Young (Greenbrier) 15.6

Marco Steele (Hillwood) 15.4

Chris Kennedy (Goodpasture) 15.0

Chase Hawkins (Ravenwood) 14.4

Ross Cummings (Creek Wood) 14.3

Devin Pitts (Antioch) 13.8