Vanderbilt Showcase Evaluations: The Big East



Everyone bear with me on the Vanderbilt Showcase evaluations, I should have them done this week so now let's concentrate on the Big East.




Ryan Yeates (Liberty Tech)

Very fast point guard who when he plays at a manageable tempo is very hard to defend, he can score from outside and will penetrate and find the open man in traffic. As a leader Yeates needs to hold his concentration and stay active in the half-court defensive sets.


Justin Williamson (Dyer County)

One of the more impressive athletes really shined in every aspect of the way we asked them to play. He played well in the post entry game relocating for open shots and when he went to the bucket he rose and finished with flair. He knocked down the outside shot and finished with contact in traffic, very impressive day.


Mason Ramsey (Livingston Academy)

Very savvy big guy who seals for easy offensive scores, can drain the mid-range shot even out to the three-point line, great hands in help defense and keeps the ball high which helps him outlet quickly to a streaking guard, fundamentally sound will benefit from additional footwork and quickness drills.


Dierre McElroy (Raleigh-Egypt)

Strong and thick plays very good on the ball defense and fights hard for loose balls and rebounds, Big Mac is an excellent passer who sees the floor and is unselfish enough to distribute the rock. Outside shot needs some tweaking form wise to complete the package on a very solid player.


Kevin Day (Liberty Tech)

Excelled as a defender, especially on the ball, not afraid to take a charge and understands the importance of stopping the ball first and knows how and when to switch, offensively needs to work on his shot form and decision making with the ball.


Josh Erickson (DCA)

Outstanding ball handler who can finish with either hand at the rim, needs to let the game come to him as he tended to force the issue a bit and it caused him some unnecessary turnovers. Josh played very good defense, using his quickness to harass his defender, great pressure in the back court. Shooting stroke is good as well.


Anthony Banks (Antioch)


Incoming freshman showed solid point guard instincts and was not afraid to mix things up despite his lack of size. Banks showed a nice mid-range shot when open and once he develops the confidence and strength to execute the thoughts he has on the floor, he can be a very effective high school leader.


T.J. Reece (Harpeth)

Good shooter when he has time to launch, must be able to create more space either off the dribble or moving without the ball, Reece went on the floor for loose balls and will fight for possessions. He must continue to learn to move without the ball, very important.  


Chance Bouldin (FRA)

Rising sophomore with a nice skill set, can knock down the mid-range shot from the elbow or wing, good size will obviously need to increase his strength as will everyone his age, which in turn will allow him to be more aggressive on the glass. Chance played fundamental defense in the post and with footwork drills can be a very good player.  





Brandon Crowder (MLK)

Ran the lead guard with effectiveness and found creative ways to finish inside and score. Played well in transition and moved well without the ball, solid defender will need to make his outside shot a bigger weapon.


Cody Ruehlen (Cannon County)

Very solid shooter with a surprisingly quick first step, made more effective by a good basketball size and body, played good defense keeping his man in front of him and played unselfish making the entry pass from the wing very effectively.


Terrence Dixon (LaVergne)

Played solid in every aspect of the game at the showcase, lefty stroke is very good, when he doesn't fade away, hustles and plays pesky on the ball defense, can grab a rebound and go length of the floor, played a nice give and go with a post player in the half-court sets, scored off the bounce and finished in traffic with contact, did it all.  


Sam Wilcox (Ravenwood)

Fundamentally sound big guy who showed a nice stroke from mid-range and a series of post moves for easy buckets as well. Sam plays hard and moves well for a big kid, passes out of the double team and is conscience of the cutter, defends the passing lanes well with the off hand.


Matt Smith (Liberty Tech)

Aggressive offensive rebounder who fights and claws till he gets his hands on the carom, long and athletic Smith blocks shots with ease. Offensively he needs some work on finishing inside but added strength should be the remedy for that problem, a nice rising junior prospect to keep an eye on.


Sam Rhoten (Goodpasture)

Very good shooter who can spot up and drain them, adding a quick one or two dribble move to his repertoire will increase his scoring output dramatically, needs to improve his footwork and explosion, smart player with good size to finish inside.


Zeke Clark (Elizabethton)

Rising freshman guard played without fear which is a good sign for his age, took too many chances with the ball which will take care of itself with maturity and game time, moved well without the ball in the half-court post entry sets, repositioning himself for open shots, work on shooting as well.


DeAndre McKinnie (Bolivar Central)

Long and athletic, McKinnie goes very hard to the basket and is adept at getting his own rebound for a put back or keeping possessions alive with the offensive carom. He will need to finish his drives to the bucket and showed a penchant for defending with his length.





Odgra Bobo (Liberty Tech)

Very athletic player who wants to demonstrate his leaping prowess any chance he can, good defender with his lateral quickness, must keep his head up when handling the ball and finish his drives to the bucket.


V.J. Brown (Hardin Valley)

Rising senior plays with a love for the game and is constantly improving in every facet. He tweaked his ankle in his first game and had to sit out but not before showing some aggressive drives to the bucket with an explosive first step, he needs confidence in his abilities.


Hunter Daniels (Rhea County)

Unselfish big man who seemingly gets better with every camp, game or practice, Daniels is a polished passer out of the double team and has vision which allows him to see cutters and his grateful companions. He can score with his back to the basket and is developing a good short jump hook with either hand.


Tony Phelps (Chester County)

Rising junior point guard played solid defensively despite his slight build, became a capable offensive player once he cut out the difficult shots, will need to become more of team leader at the game most important position.


Derek Durham (Cane Ridge)

Aggressive and feisty little point guard not afraid to mix it up and finished his drives to the glass, tended to dribble way to much but proved he could move well without the ball making nice open cuts to the bucket for easy baskets.


Spencer Clements (Creek Wood)

Good young shooter who needs to adapt to the quickness at this level and use his intelligence to create more scoring opportunities, a solid system player who understands his role and will give maximum effort while on the floor.  


Daniel Hill (Liberty Tech)

Slick young point guard who shows a fearless demeanor and never gives up on a play, Hill has great handles and passing ability, sometimes favoring the majestic dish to the easy one. Very good scoring off the dribble despite his size, once he's reeled in he will be outstanding, must work on his outside shot to become a star.


Asa Duvall (Brentwood Academy)

Smooth player with great size which allows him to get his shot anytime and anywhere he feels like it, good handles and a nice lift make him a dangerous offensive weapon. Nice deep shooting touch and good feel for his role on the floor. Needs to understand he can get the easy shot with a little more patience and stop fading away, bright future.





Tyler Irwin (LaVergne)

Shooting stroke very nice and will put the ball on the floor and drive to the glass for a tough finish, needs to improve his explosion and quickness, good half-court defender will improve in that arena as well with added lateral quickness.


Austin Clements (Creek Wood)

Excellent shooter who is a team player and does a lot of the blue collar work required to win games, type of player who wins games with a tough shot or defense play at the right time, needs to work on his movement without the ball, which will only create more opportunities for his very nice shooting stroke.


JuJuan Williams (Knoxville West)

It's a very simple process, he can shoot, he is next level athletic, great size but will he put it all together and become the player we know he can be great handles but tends to get out of control at times, Williams can be a great player.


Drew Smithson (Creek Wood)

Fundamentally sound big man can pass out of the post and scores off the seal off, good hands and a very good post defender. Drew has length and will challenge some shots and runs the floor very well.


Beau Johnson (Harpeth)

Incoming freshman played a bit scared at first but caught his second wind and showed a very nice outside stroke when set, needs to work on his strength obviously, make better decisions with the ball and control his tempo.


Brad McClung (Station Camp)

Lefty point guard who was not afraid to mix things up and showed he could get his shot with or without a defender in his grill, looked to enter the post in the early games and showed a nice floater in the lane for an easy score. Ball-handling will be an area of improvement for him to concentrate on.


Cole Bradshaw (Harpeth)

Plays at a very nice tempo and finds himself in good position on the floor able to get his shot without creating chaos in the half-court. Good deep shooter who moves well without the ball.


Abdinasir Omar (McGavock)

Rising sophomore showed a nice inside game, played hard and aggressive going for loose balls and rebounds out of his area, made some nice post moves and looks to open teammates, must finish better inside. Also follow his shot inside and work on his footwork and explosion to the goal.