Vanderbilt Showcase Evaluations: The ACC


The final two squads representing the ACC. 




Fred Yarbrough (Dyer County)

Unstoppable defender who makes bringing the ball up the floor a chore for his opponent, decent outside shot could be more effective with repetition, very good off the dribble and unselfish finding the cutter or the open man. Finished well in traffic and showed leadership with his new mates.


Leroy Jefferson (Blackman)

Rising senior plays at a very nice tempo, rebounds very strong for a guard, goes aggressive after loose balls and showed leadership skills, he needs to tighten his handles and improve his upper body strength to finish his drives to the glass.


Jonmorgan Ransom (Bolivar Central)

Plays very strong with the ball and showed a nice outside shot, yet must quicken the release, rebounded well and played with conviction on defense. Loved his passion and fought for every loose ball, finished with contact, much improved.


Chris Bishop (Hunter's Lane)

Wing player with good size moved well without the ball and proved to be a stronger rebounder, needs to work on his ball handling and becoming more active on defense, played tough.


Connor Brandon (Wilson Central)

Outstanding shooter with deep range, plays hard, will need to work on his decision making and passing if he is going to play the point guard position, feisty competitor will push up into his defender.


Derek Kemp (Bolivar Central)

Rising sophomore showed a nice shooting touch and defended well in the half court defense, finished ok inside, must work on his ball handling and decision making as he matures into a lead guard.  


Chase Westcott (Creek Wood)


Strong outside shooter who could create many more shooting opportunities if he moved better without the ball, good passer to the post, must not leave his feet to make passes, needs to work on a one or two dribble move to compliment his outside prowess.


Anfernee Kemp (Bolivar Central)

Incoming freshman with a very popular name in the Bolivar community, good size for his age, showed he could score from the outside and rebounded the ball well, fighting for position, improving his handles and passing skills will benefit him as he gains confidence and strength.  





Isaac Harris (Hunter's Lane)

Played aggressive and seemed to finish at the rim better and better as the day wore along, handled the ball well but was a bit undisciplined with his passing, played very strong at times, showing superior athleticism and skills but tended to disappear as well, consistency makes him a dangerous player.


Collin McMullin (Harpeth)

Outstanding outside stroke not his only weapon as he went strong to the hole on numerous occasions, finishing in traffic with contact, using his outside shot to create other scoring opportunities makes him a more well rounded player, showed quick hands in the passing lanes on defense.


Wantez Graham (Liberty Tech)

Small, thick guard who went aggressive to the hole, finished with contact, must improve his ball handling and passing skills to get court time at the lead guard spot, shot selection and decision making must improve as well.


Matt Stanley (Happy Valley)

Underrated athlete who showed his skills scoring, rebounding and taking the rock aggressively to the hole, very strong off the dribble with creative ball handling skills, good shooter from mid-range to the deep line, played very well.


Antonio Lavender (Antioch)

Incoming freshman did not appear to be overwhelmed but his lack of size certainly came into play, he understands the game but was not physically able to execute what he saw against some of the older players, he will gather strength and his confidence level will raise accordingly.


Jaime Lloyd (Harpeth)

Fearless player made his way to the bucket with some quick off the dribble moves, must learn to play under control and finish those tough drives, strength will help him add range to his shooting touch and allow him not be bumped as strong going to the bucket.


Trey Bond (Ridgeway)

Rising sophomore showed wonderful vision finding the open man and looked to get everyone involved, leadership skills were good with new teammates, tended to stand and watch when he didn't have the ball in his hands, good handles and proved he could score a bit as well.


Matt Pond (Centennial)

Good sized youngster showed an advanced skill set on the offensive end of the floor, nice shooting touch, good rebounding skills, and passed very well out of the post. Good length, followed his shot inside and went for rebounds out of his area, once he improves his physical strength he will be one to watch.