Upperman @ Livingston Academy (2/13)

The rematch!!!

Those words make sports fans tingle with excitement.


Those words make coaches and players ripe with anticipation.

So if I told you there was a chance for a rematch with a twist of revenge, is that something you would be interested in.

Look no further than Friday night as the Bees from Upperman travel to the "Hog-Eye" to tangle with Chase and the boys from Livingston.

Upperman put the only district blot on the LA Dream Teams squeeky clean district sheet dropping them 81-69 behind the hoops firm of Baxter and Nash, who had 24 and 23 respectively.

Livingston will be ready for the rematch but dont expect the Bees to simply buzz them through, oh no, this will be a heavyweight bout to the finish.

After all this hype, I think I will make the trip to LA and get myself a front row seat for this one.