Union County and Chattanooga.. Up Next on Whirlwind Tour of the State


Lets catch up on where we've been this past week and let everyone know whats in store for this weekend.

Last Friday of course the big Bearden vs. Oak Hill epic clash was the highlight of the season for fans in the East Tennessee area. As stated before you can click on www.wazoosports.com and listen to the game archived with yours truly as color man on the broadcast.

Saturday brought a trip to Lipscomb and homecoming for the purple and gold. Carter Sanderson (Lipscomb) continued his sterling play this season scoring a game high 15 points and leading his squad to a 49-32 victory over state ranked Marshall County.

Evan Webb (Lipscomb) was big for Lipscomb adding 14 points. Hunter Osborne (Marshall County) led with 10 points and sophomore sensation Kedren Johnson (Marshall County) was limited to 9 points, 9 boards and 6 assists.

Tuesday night the Rebels of Maryville doubled up Greeneville 49-29. Ryan Click (Maryville) led the Rebs with 13 and Stian Romberg (Maryville) added 10. The Rebels moved to 16-4 with the victory. Jordan Short (Greeneville) led the Green Devils with 13.

A huge battl ein district 2AA commences tonight at Union County with Skylar McBee (Grainger) and the Grizzlies coming to Maynardville. McBee has been nothing short of fantastic this season facing every freak defense know to man and some that were'nt. His average is hovering around 24.0 and his collge suitors continue to form a big line to the left. McBee has scored over 15 D1 offers but is cautiously evaluting his options for the next level.

Over at Union County, this district crown is serious business and the return of Tyler Vittetoe (Union County) gives them credence to pull this off. Tyler Smith (Union County) and Jacob Munsey (Union County) have carried the torch this far now UC3 is back in full effect.

On Saturday we make the trip to Chattown for the Central vs Christian clash. Stephen Cook (Chattanooga Christian) is the senior leader for Christian and for personal reasons I look forward to seeing my friend William Moore, who was to be the subject of our diary this season but suffered another knee injury and is rehabbing to make it back for next season.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for whats happening in February.