TPH Nashville Fall League All-League Squad and Final Scoring Leaders



Another successful season at the Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League concluded with an outstanding Championship Saturday. Caleb Chowbay was named league MVP and his Florida squad snatched the championship. Below we will have the final league scoring leaders and the all-league team as voted upon by a panel of onlookers.


Here are the final scoring leaders for the Fall League.


Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League Scoring Leaders

(Minimum of 4 Games)

Craig Bradshaw (CPA) 31.0

Thomas Kaiser (MBA) 22.5

Donya Burnett (Riverdale) 21.8

Rob Marberry (FRA) 20.4

Connor Brandon (Wilson Central) 20.3

Malcolm St. Louis (Wilson Central) 19.8

Caleb Chowbay (Mt. Juliet) 18.0

Brad McClung (Station Camp) 18.0

Austin Gee (Ezell-Harding) 17.6

Caymon Dial (LaVergne) 17.5

Asa Duvall (Brentwood) 17.5

Billy Hughes (Hunter's Lane) 17.5

Asa Duvall (Brentwood) 17.5

Josh Erickson (DCA) 16.8

Cameron Gordon (Shelbyville) 16.5

Braxton Blackwell (CPA) 15.8

Brandon Cook (CPA) 15.3

Parker Howell (CPA) 15.3

Easton Cline (Station Camp) 15.0

Zach Hodskins (Ravenwood) 15.0

Bud Cannon (FRA) 14.5

Kessler Bell (FRA) 14.4

Joshua Joy (DCA) 14.2

Christian Haile (Shelbyville) 14.0

Hunter Culp (Camden Central) 13.8

Braxton Bonds (CPA) 13.0

Coleman Spann (CPA) 13.0

Austin Dole (Harpeth) 12.6

Mason Delatour (Pearl Cohn) 12.2


Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League All-League Team

MVP: Caleb Chowbay (Mt. Juliet)

All-League Team

Craig Bradshaw (CPA)

Connor Brandon (Wilson Central)

Donya Burnett (Riverdale)

Asa Duvall (Brentwood)

Josh Erickson (DCA)

Austin Gee (Ezell-Harding)

Tom Kaiser (MBA)

Jalen Lindsey (CPA)

Rob Marberry (FRA)

Brad McClung (Station Camp)

Malcolm St. Louis (Wilson Central)


Honorable Mention:

Kessler Bell (FRA)

Braxton Blackwell (CPA)

Braxton Bonds (CPA)

Chance Bouldin (FRA)

Bud Cannon (FRA)

Easton Cline (Station Camp)

Hunter Culp (Camden Central)

Mason Delatour (Pearl Cohn)

Caymon Dial (LaVergne)

Austin Dole (Harpeth)

Cameron Gordon (Shelbyville)

Christian Haile (Shelbyville)

Zach Hodskins (Ravenwood)

Parker Howell (CPA)

Billy Hughes (Hunter's Lane)

Will Jennings (Nashville Overton)

Joshua Joy (DCA)

Jacob Saunders (Cheatham County)