Top Events for July


June has been a quiet month with mostly team camps and rest for the weary travel, but July promises to be an outstanding month with alot at stake for our hoopsters.

Making this July even more vital than most is the fact that college coaches could not go out for the April evaluation period and thus had to hold their notes till July.

I have made a list of some of the top events that should have some Tennessee participation.

It Takes 5ive Classic

Cincinnati, Ohio (July 6-8)

Hoosier Shootout

Indianapolis, Indiana (July 6-9)

Kentucky Hoopfest

Louisville, Kentucky (July 9-12)

Peach State Summer Showcase #1

Aiken, South Carolina (July 10-12)

Nike Peach Jam Invitational

North Augusta, South Carolina (July 12-15)

AAU 15U Division I National Champsionships

Clarksville, Tennessee (July 12-15)

Peach State Summer Showcase #2

Augusta, Georgia (July 13-15)

adidas Super 64

Las Vegas, Nevada (July 22-26)

AAU 16U Super Showcase

Kissimmee, Florida (July 22-25)

AAU 15U Super Showcase 

Kissimmee, Florida (July 22-25)

AAU 17U Super Showcase Gold Division

Kissimmee, Florida (July 23-27)

AAU 17U Super Showcase Silver Division

Kissimmee, Florida (July 24-27)

AAU 16U Division I National Championships

Kissimmee, Florida (July 25-30)

AAU Jr. Boys 17U Division I National Championships

Kissimmee, Florida (July 27-31)


If anyone is playing in some other events let me know and I will certainly try to give you some coverage if you give me some details.

My plans are coming together and depending on whom I have to cover for this July I beleive my tentative schedule is as follows:

It Takes 5ive Classic in Cincinnati

Hoosier Shootout in Indianapolis

Kentucky Hoopfest in Louisville

Peach State Summer Showcase in Augusta

Nike Peach Jam in Augusta

Orlando for a cavalcade of events. A busy July should give us some superb coverage and please coaches of the various programs those who know me know I will write stories for your events and kids if you send them to me. Its impossible to be everywhere but I am trying.