Top Dogs Fall…”Lucky 13″ Ahead

Memphis City Championships put some turmoil in the "Lucky 13" with top seed BTW and two seed Ridgeway falling to Mitchell and Memphis Central respectively.


1.  Union City (3) 29-0

Still unbeaten with tough game against Humboldt on the docket. Can M.J. and crew keep the loss column bare...time will tell.

2.  Antioch (4) 21-2

The playoffs are here and Antioch is ready to show the state just what all the hype is about...remember 10 wins gets you a pretty gold ball to display in the case forever.


3.  Ridgeway (2) 25-2

Could the defeat at the hands of Memphis Central give the Roadrunners cause to panic..we think not and district action should certainly prove this point.


4.  Kirby (5) 24-3

"The giant Killer" still around toiling in the wings waiting to pounce on another unsuspecting victim..if you haven't seen Malcolm Burton you should, he's solid.


5.  BTW (1) 24-3

The loss ot Mitchell has the Bluff City wondering if Booker T was for real or about Mitchell is pretty darn good and playing very well as of late. Yes BTW is for real.


6.  Maryville (6) 24-3

Bearden/Maryville III this Wednesday will be physical and tough. Does Damron have another big game in his arsenal..if history says anything he does.


7.  Dyer County (7) 28-1

Keep them Choctaws rolling. The games get tougher the more you play in February, but thats how McCord and his players like it...bring it on.


8.  Raleigh-Egypt (10) 22-3

The quintessential Pharoah squad built with depth, size and attitude has reared it's talented head and is ready to make some noise out West.


9.  Bearden (8) 28-2

Narrow win on Monday but showdown with Maryville certainly on their collective minds. Bulldogs will need a big game from The Stat-Man Nathan Parker..and a healthy Jenkins won't hurt either.


10. Oak Ridge (9) 25-2

Stephens rounding into his mid-season form will carry the Wildcats to a showdown with Maryville or Bearden in region action..can't wait.


11. Braircrest Christian (11) 24-5

Our choice to take home state title in DII AA. Can they bring home the proverbial gold ball?


12. CPA (12) 26-3

Rolling along, getting better at the right time of the year. The M and M boys have established a stronghold on AA in the mid-state can they hold on and capture the trip to the 'boro.


T13. Franklin (13) 26-4

They have'nt lost a district game in like 30 years so the tourney seems to be a mere formality. The test comes at the region...can they meet expectations?


T13. Howard (13) 23-2

Always seemingly right in the mix and ready to show all that AA in the East is for real. Taylor is top notch and should be everyones recruiting lists.


10 On The Rim (Listed Alphabetically)

Austin East (23-5)

Bolivar Central (22-4)

Dobyns Bennett (24-3)

Fulton (20-4)

Humboldt (24-2)

Manassas (25-5)

Memphis Central (19-3)

Nashville Christian (28-1)

Shelbyville (26-4)

St. George's (23-2)