The Season Moves On

This year is passing by so fast.  Everybody must have been telling the truth about how your senior year just flies by without you even knowing it. IT'S ALMOST FEBRUARY! 

The University of Evansville in Indiana has started showing interest in me now.  UE is in the Missouri Vallery conference.  I have four more official visits left, and I plan on taking them right after the state tournament.  I don't know where yet, but as the season comes to an end, I will know for sure.  I'm glad I'm qualified because the ACT was challenging.  I made a 20 on it.  Those of you who scored 21  or higher and beyond 25, you should be proud of yourself.  Those of you who didn't, I totally understand because that test is hard.  Keep trying. 

I watched some of that Alabama and Tennessee game Tuesday night.  As I was watching the game, Alabama got on a fast break.  It was a 3 on 1.  The player in the middle passed it to some guy running the wing.  This man took one dribble and took the elevator up to the next level with a sensational dunk.  My mouth dropped, and my eyes grew.  I walked out the room and asked my dad, "Did you see that?"  The love of basketball people. 

I love watching movies quite a bit too.  One of my favorites is Love and Basketball.  It's a good movie to watch with your girlfriend.  Unfortunately, I don't have one.  Well, it may be good not to have a girlfirend.  My true girlfriend can watch the movie with me anytime though.  I'm talking about my basketball.  She has been there from day one.  Please don't think I'm crazy because I know you hoopers like her too.  I need to go to the mall and buy me a pair of kicks.  I don't have time because of basketball practices and games.  This is when a real girlfriend can come in handy.  Just continue to do whatever you do.  I am "The Truth."  Have a blessed day.