The Greatest Show in Memphis…….CBL vs. Super 80

Here it is!!!!!!!!

Those in Memphis knew this was inevitable but now it's reality.

The CBL vs. Super 80

The games will be played at the Mississippi Blvd. Church and two games will take place as both leagues have established two teams.

First game starts at 6:00 with the second one following.

The rosters for the leagues are as follows:

CBL Fall League (1st Team)

Anthony Jones (Raleigh-Egypt)

Adonis Thomas (Melrose)

Jamal Conley (Melrose)

Chris Crawford (Sheffield)

Ronald Brown (Raleigh-Egypt)

Anderson Cunningham (Cordova)

Joseph Northington (Manassas)

Joe Brady (Raleigh-Egypt)

Nate Rucker (Melrose)

"Mighty" Chris Jones (Melrose)



CBL (2nd Team)

Chris Mason (Melrose)

Reggie Fondren (Raleigh-Egypt)

Quinten Lowe (Melrose)

Laterrick Flowers (Kirby)

Cedric Bee (Raleigh-Egypt)

Rashad Harris (Raleigh-Egypt)

Telvin Wilkerson (Melrose)

Alan Morris (?)

Kerry Love (BTW)

Calvin Rounds (Sheffield)

Walter Davis (Southwind)

Nino Johnson (Melrose)



Super 80 (1st Team)

Joe Jackson (White Station)

Farrakohn Hall (White Station)

Tarik Black (Ridgeway)

Marvin Williams (White Station)

Todd Mayo (Houston)

Cedric McAfee (Craigmont)

Mardracus Wade (Mitchell)

Mario Bass (Kirby)

Gregg Wooten (Braircrest Christian)

Zach Jones (Craigmont)



Super 80 (2nd Team)

Carlos Denton (Hamilton)

Ladarius Turner (Kirby)

Terrence Durham (Craigmont)

Derrian Gray (Southwind)

Will Martinez (Lausanne)

Bryant Reams (Lausanne)

Jeremy Holmes (Raleigh-Egypt)

Darryl Marshall (Wooddale)

Harry Green (White Station)

Russell Hill (Kirby)



Results next week..Good luck to all the hoopers who play.