The Final Diary of The Truth

My last diary of "Speaking The Truth"

I would like to thank the main guy for making this diary function:  Andre Whitehead.  When I first heard about the tnprephoops, I went on the site and I saw my name.  I was shocked!  I asked everybody who was watching me.  My teammates told me--Andre Whitehead.  I was like, "I like this guy already and I haven't even met him.  So then we I did meet him, I was like, "Andre is a down to earth guy."  Ever since then, he has still been doing his thing.  I really appreciate him for helping not only me out, but the rest of the basketball players in the state. I was thinking how amazing it was to have rankings for all the different classes.  Andre has seen a lot great talent come through Tennessee.  I can say that he is the best at writing articles and summarizing events that he attended.  I was thinking that the NBA needs to put Mr. Whitehead on TV before and after games to analyze games.  I KNOW THAT YOU ALL AGREE WITH ME!!  Andre, I'm going to miss this great opportunity.  I wish you the best in the futue.

Well the Golden Circle West TN All-Star was boring.  Oh my gosh!  At the beginning of the game, it took f-o-r-e-v-e-r for a team to score only one basket.  I was getting frustrated on the bench..."Coach put me in the game!!!"  I got in and I didn't do anything either.  It was a disappointing first half but it was all good. 

The second half was better...oh so much better.  The match up everyone been waiting to see--Justin Blake vs Ricky Taylor...Ricky Taylor vs Justin Blake!  I got the ball in the post and made a quick move to the basket...ok simple move.  I got 2 points.  So my boy, Mr. Blake, got the ball.  It looked like he was saying, "It's my turn now Mr. Taylor.  Ha ha.  So I was putting my best defense on him...Im talkin bout like locking a serial killer up in just talkin he tried to go by me and I cut him off.  He tried again and I cut him off again...good job Ricky!!! So I guess Justin got tired and pulled out a trick under his sleeve or be continued....

Ok we he pulled out a 2 piece combo on me.  He crossed over to the right and crossed back to the left...when he crossed over the first being the dummy...i went for it.  He froze me!  He "Allen Iverson crossed me."  Everybody said oooohh...I was like No!!!  Then Mr. Blake finished it off with a slow motion finger roll and the crowd went crazy.....I was like, "Well, at least the crowd is into now."  Justin and I became like best friends after we played each other in the Regional Championship.  I talk about him all the time because he is like a brother to me....yeah you can shed a tear.....yeah you can laugh now.

My team ended up winning..congrats to MVP Jeremy Fason.  He hustled and worked real hard.  On my team, my MVP would have been Jeremy Rhodes from Bolivar. He worked.  I mean he worked real hard.  I know he had a double double.  He played physical and blocked shots.  He even shot a 3...big man got a soft you can see my analization is coming out...I've been reading too much of Andre Whitehead's great work...Andre makes me want to get my own website one never know.

On the opposing team, I would have given the MVP to Victor McLin..that athletic man played real good--scoring, rebounding, and of course dunking.  The game wasn't too bad, but it was good to meet new teammates whom I have never met.

This is it people...the end of The Truth...I am leaving out for college, UT Chatt, on June 4 for summer classes and I CANNOT WAIT to get up there.  I am going to be in the weight room as well.  I hope that I shared some information that was beneficial to you all.   I know that I have written some crazy stuff from time to time..but hey...thats me.  By the way, I gave my first sermon not too long ago and that went really well.  I will be bringing the message again the 5th Sunday in June which is June 29.

I thought I was through in the last paragraph but finally...this is it! So keep me in your prayers.  I will need every single one of them. Be blessed..ok people...the last words of "Speaking The Truth....I am "The Truth"