Tennessee’s D1 Players…Part 1 of 2

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This is one of my favorite things to do every season.


I go through the rosters of every D1 school in the country and make a list of the Tennessee players who have garnered a roster spot for those schools.


Now some of these guys may and are walk-ons but they have secured a spot on the roster so they will be on this list.


I counted 141 players and that is by far the most we have ever had in a single year. We will divide this story into two segment because of length.



Georgia Tech

Maurice Miller              6'2       PG       Junior               Memphis/Raleigh-Egypt


North Carolina

Leslie McDonald                      6'5       WF      Freshman         Eads/Briarcrest Christian



Atlantic 10


Kevin Smith                              6'5       WF      Junior               Murfreesboro/Riverdale



Atlantic Sun


Blake Jenkins                           6'7       WF      Freshman         Knoxville/Bearden

Ian Clark                                  6'3       SG       Freshman         Germantown/Germantown

Scott Saunders                         6'9       PF        Junior               Nashville/BGA

Adam Barnes                           6'2       SG       Sophomore      Clarksville/Clarksville

Travis Williams             6'6       PF        Freshman         Franklin/Centennial



De'Shaud Johnson                    5'9       PG       Junior               Bristol/Tennessee

Jarvis Jones                              6'2       SG       Sophomore      Memphis/Mitchell

Micah Williams             6'4       WF      Junior               Manchester/Coffee County



Josh Slater                                6'3       PG       Junior               Nashville/Lipscomb

Johnny Lee                               5'9       PG       Senior              Nashville/MLK

Jacob Arnett                             6'4       SG       Freshman         Cordova/Tipton-Rosemark

Rob Murphy                             6'7       PF        Sophomore      Brentwood/Brentwood Ac.

Brian Wright                             6'6       WF      Sophomore      Brentwood/Brentwood Ac.

Brett Staal                                6'4       SG       Sophomore      Brentwood/Brentwood Ac.

Brandon Brown                        6'7       WF      Junior               Brentwood/Brentwood Ac.


Florida-Gulf Coast

Hunter Miller                            6'2       SG       Freshman         Nashville/CPA


North Florida

Kyle Groothuis             6'7       PF        Junior               Cleveland/Bradley Central




Big 12


Keith Ramsey                           6'9       PF        Senior              Murfreesboro/Siegel

Laurence Bowers                     6'8       WF      Sophomore      Collierville/St. George's

Tyler Stone                               6'7       PF        Freshman         Memphis/Central




Big East

Seton Hall

Ferrakohn Hall             6'9       PF        Freshman         Memphis/White Station


St. John's

Anthony Mason Jr.                   6'7       WF      Senior              Memphis/Fairley



Reginald Delk                           6'5       SG       Senior              Jackson/Northside



Darnell Wilks                            6'7       WF      Junior               Nashville/


West Virginia

Jonnie West                              6'3       SG       Junior               Memphis/Lausanne




Big Sky

Northern Colorado

Hauns Brereton                        6'6       WF      Freshman         Bartlett/Bartlett


Idaho State

Amorrow Morgan                    6'5       SG       Senior                 Cordova/Cordova

Broderick Gilcrest                    6'0       PG       Junior               Memphis/Hamilton

Todd Starks                             6'1       SG       Freshman          Memphis/ECS

Sherrod Baldwin                       6'0       SG       Sophomore      Collierville/Collierville




Big South

Coastal Carolina

Logan Johnson             6'6       WF      Senior              Knoxville/South Doyle



Jon Primm                                6'1       PG       Sophomore      Dickson/Dickson County



Carter McMasters                    6'11     C         Freshman         Chattanooga/Grace Baptist



Joshua Henley                          6'3       PF        Sophomore      Nashville/Hunter's Lane


Charleston Southern

Patrick Shaughnessy                 6'9       C         Freshman         Chattanooga/Grace Baptist

Jeremy Sexton                          6'2       SG       Freshman         Chattanooga/Temple



Jay Reynolds                            6'10     C         Freshman         Maryville/Maryville

Josh Johnson                            6'3       SG       Junior               Hendersonville/Hndrsnvlle






Georgia State

Xavier Hansbro (Webb)           6'10     PF        Senior              Atwood/West Carroll


George Mason

Johnny Williams                        6'8       PF        Freshman         Eads/Briarcrest Christian



Chaisson Allen              6'4       PG       Junior               Murfreesboro/Oakland