Tennessee Shockers Zap ’em at Big Shots


July brings NCAA sanctioned events in all four corners of the country and the Tennessee Shockers participated in one of those events in Myrtle Beach.


Jeff Schneider's Big Shot Tournament tipped on the beach and the Shockers, who play in the 16 and under division finished 6-2 and came in third out of 64 teams in the event.


Leading the way for the Shockers throughout their Big Shots run were Jay Cade (Gibbs), Cory Fagan (Oak Ridge), Oteriah Lee (CAK), Jalen Carter (Hardin Valley) and Adarius Wilson (Grace Christian).

The Shockers have had a nice run this summer winning a couple of events namely the Kentucky Super Regional in Lexington and the King of the South event in Nashville.


The Shockers stand at 29-7 on the summer thus far and will venture to Washington DC at the end of the month for another Big Shots event.