Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Regions 1AAA-4AAA)



I have compiled information and conferred with coaches to make these the most accurate All-Region teams that I could. Good luck to everyone in the playoffs and see you on the court. All-Region teams and honorable mention selection are listed in no particular order.

Class AAA

Region 1AAA

District 1AAA Projected Champion: Science Hill

District 1AAA MVP: Shannon Hale (Science Hill)

District 2AAA Projected Champion: Morristown East

District 2AAA MVP: Aaron Wheeler (Morristown East)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 1AAA All-Region Team

Shannon Hale (Science Hill) (Region MVP)

James Scales (Cherokee)

Tyler Ailshee (Dobyns-Bennett)

Aaron Wheeler (Morristown East)

Hayden Chandley (Daniel Boone)

Jaylen Allen (Science Hill)

Zach Garland (David Crockett)

Casey Smith (Morristown East)

Will Adams (Science Hill)

Josh Johnson (Sevier County)

Honorable Mention:

Skyler Brown (Seymour)

Gerrod Moore (South Doyle)

Elliott Satterfield (Jefferson County)

Thomas Sanders (Morristown West)

Hunter Leveau (Science Hill)

Devin Schmidt (Sevier County)

Juwan Johnson (Dobyns-Bennett)

Bryan Terrell (Tennessee)

Nathan Sherrod (Jefferson County)

Ryan Gaiter (Daniel Boone)

Class AAA

Region 2AAA

District 3AAA Projected Champion: Oak Ridge

District 3AAA MVP: Lonnie McClanahan (Oak Ridge)

District 4AAA Projected Champion: Bearden/Knoxville West

District 4AAA MVP: Phillip Stanford (Knoxville West)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 2AAA All-Region Team

Lonnie McClanahan (Oak Ridge) (Region MVP)

Ty Greene (Bearden)

Spencer Shoffner (Oak Ridge)

Dre Matthieu (Knoxville Central)

Rico White (Bearden)

Phillip Stanford (Knoxville West)

Dion Fair (Bearden)

Tanner Torres (Anderson County)

Blake Williams (Farragut)

Carson Brooks (Knoxville West)

Honorable Mention:

Nick Litton (Campbell County)

Jordan Hall (Lenoir City)

Tres Palmer (Powell)

Stetson Moore (Knoxville Halls)

Alan Holt (Anderson County)

Drew Standifer (Bearden)

JuJuan Williams (Knoxville West)

Morgan Everette (Karns)

Kyle Anders (Knoxville Catholic)

Stein Romberg (Maryville)

Phillip Stephens (Knoxville Catholic)

Calvin Walker (Knoxville West)

Marcus Stanford (Knoxville Central)


Class AAA

Region 3AAA

District 5AAA Projected Champion: Cleveland

District 5AAA MVP: Wesley Ritchie (Ooltewah)

District 6AAA Projected Champion: White County

District 6AAA MVP: Phillip Roper (Cookeville)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 3AAA All-Region Team

Wesley Ritchie (Ooltewah) (Region MVP)

D.J. Bowles (Cleveland)

Josh Turner (White County)

Drew Zaleta (Walker Valley)

Jervon Johnson (Ooltewah)

Phillip Roper (Cookeville)

Rondez Mee (Cleveland)

Devon Davidson (White County)

Cedric Nevins (McMinn County)

Hunter Chastain (Bradley Central)

Honorable Mention:

Derrick Hankins (Cumberland County)

Antonio Jackson (Ooltewah)

B.J. Davis (Cleveland)

Jalen Smith (Rhea County)

Darien Johnson (Bradley Central)

Robbie Johnson (White County)

Tevin Rutledge (Cleveland)

Tyler Clayborne (Coffee County)

Trey Henderson (Cookeville)

Andre Moton (Ooltewah)

Class AAA

Region 4AAA

District 7AAA Projected Champion: Siegel

District 7AAA MVP: Cedric Williams (Siegel)

District 8AAA Projected Champion: Lawrence County

District 8AAA MVP: Trent Garland (Lawrence County)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 4AAA All-Region Team

Cedric Williams (Siegel) (Region MVP)

Shelley Young (Lawrence County)

Jarvis Webster (Columbia Central)

Caymon Dial (LaVergne)

Bobby Wilson (Shelbyville)

Stephen Hurt (Siegel)

T.J. Chesterfield (Riverdale)

Brandon Lester (Franklin County)

Trent Garland (Lawrence County)

Oscar Butler (Siegel)

Honorable Mention:

Seth Jarrell (Shelbyville)

Darius Thompson (Blackman)

Christian Adams (Oakland)

Donya Burnette (Riverdale)

Andrew Cheatwood (Lawrence County)

Vari Craig (Riverdale)

Kyle Carter (LaVergne)

Jake Richardson (Lawrence County)

Mico McDonald (Lincoln County)

Terrence Dixon (LaVergne)