Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Regions 1A-4A)



I have compiled information and conferred with coaches to make this the most accurate All-Region teams that I could. Some areas are more difficult to ascertain information but a lot of work went into making these squads.

Class A

Region 1A

District 1A Projected Champion: Hampton

District 1A MVP: Nathaniel Hughes (Hampton)

District 2A Projected Champion: Cosby

District 2A MVP: Cory Conard (Cosby)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 1A All-Region Team

Nathaniel Hughes (Hampton) (Region MVP)

Cory Conard (Cosby)

Jonathan Evans (University)

Dylan Hill (Hampton)

Josh Peterson (Unaka)

Matthew Potter (Cloudland)

Dylan Ward (Hampton)

Dylan Payne (North Greene)

Michael Hyden (Cloudland)

Andrew Adams (Cosby)

Honorable Mention:

Frederick Mullins (Hancock County)

Jake Ledford (Cosby)

Dylan McClellan (Cloudland)

Jacob Jones (Hampton)

Justin Nave (Unaka)


Class A

Region 2A

District 3A Projected Champion: Harriman

District 3A MVP: Dimitrique Inman (Harriman)

District 4A Projected Champion: Jellico

District 4A MVP: Cody Malicoat (Jellico)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 2A All-Region Team

Cody Malicoat (Jellico) (Region MVP)

Xavier Howard (Harriman)

Alex Fountain (Wartburg Central)

Cleveland Davidson (Rockwood)

Daniel Byram (Grace Christian)

D.J. Currier (Oakdale)

Dimitrique Inman (Harriman)

Zach Shannon (Wartburg Central)

Cody Hill (Coalfield)

Darius Gallaher (Harriman)

Honorable Mention:

Tyler Bryant (Greenback)

Preston Russell (Tellico Plains)

Caleb Ruffner (Midway)

Jake Wright (Oneida)

Jacob Rechenbach (Berean Christian)

Kyle Gunter (Sunbright) 


Class A

Region 3A

District 5A Projected Champion: CSAS

District 5A MVP: Shariff Cobb (CSAS)

District 6A Projected Champion: Van Buren County

District 6A MVP: Cole Tucker (Whitwell)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 3A All-Region Team

Shariff Cobb (CSAS) (Region MVP)

Antonio Chubb (South Pittsburg)

Tyler Turner (Van Buren County)

Will Amos (Silverdale Academy)

Cory Nelson (Grace Baptist)

Jacqueze Robinson (Temple)

Alex Stallion (CSAS)

Jon Patten (Signal Mountain)

Cole Tucker (Whitwell)

Tyler Walling (Van Buren County)

Honorable Mention:

Jeremy Glisson (Boyd Buchanon)

Jackson Lenoir (CSAS)

Drew Ownby (Marion County)

Justin Ragsdale (Temple)

David Robinson (Richard Hardy)

Stracey Bonner (Lookout Valley)


Class A

Region 4A

District 7A Projected Champion: Clay County

District 7A MVP: Trent Boles (Clay County)

District 8A Projected Champion: Friendship Christian

District 8A MVP: Wes Grace (Red Boiling Springs)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 4A All-Region Team

Trent Boles (Clay County) (Region MVP)

Jordan Godwin (Jackson County)

Cameron Hill (Friendship Christian)

Wes Grace (Red Boiling Springs)

Steven Jones (Clarkrange)

Adam Ford (Trousdale County)

Drew McMillan (Jackson County)

KeAndre Bates (Watertown)

Cody Woodmore (Gordonsville)

Drew Hutchinson (Friendship Christian)

Honorable Mention:

Ben Aaron (Pickett County)

Luke Phillips (Monterey)

Corey Hamilton (Clay County)

Cameron Jordan (Watertown)

Mark Sandoval (Friendship Christian)