Tennessee D1 Players: Part I



Scouring the web to bring you the best in high school information from our state, it is time again for our annual list of former Tennessee hoopsters that appear on D1 rosters.


This year's count is 135 players listed on D1 rosters.


Please keep in mind many of these players are walk-ons but if listed on the roster we are counting them in the total.



Atlantic 10 Conference


Kevin Smith                6-5                   Sr.                   Riverdale (Murfreesboro)

Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)


Cory Stanton              5-10                 Fr.                   Springfield (Springfield)

Georgia Tech

Maurice Miller          6-2                   Sr.                   Raleigh-Egypt (Memphis)

North Carolina

Leslie McDonald       6-4                   So.                   Briarcrest Christian (Eads)

Atlantic Sun Conference


Blake Jenkins                        6-7                   Fr.                   Bearden (Knoxville)

Holden Mobley          6-3                   Fr.                   MBA (Nashville)

Ian Clark                    6-3                   So.                   Germantown (Germantown)

Reece Chamberlain   6-1                   Fr.                   Beech (Hendersonville)

Scott Saunders           6-10                 Jr.                    BGA (Nashville)

Adam Barnes             6-2                   So.                   Clarksville (Clarksville)

East Tennessee State (ETSU)

DeShaud Johnson      5-9                   Sr.                   Tennessee High (Bristol)

Jarvis Jones               6-2                   Jr.                    Mitchell (Memphis)

Micah Williams          6-4                   Sr.                   Coffee County (Manchester)

Florida-Gulf Coast

Hunter Miller 6-2                   So.                   CPA (Nashville)


Josh Slater                 6-3                   Sr.                   Lipscomb (Nashville)

Carter Sanderson       6-1                   Fr.                   Lipscomb (Nashville)

Jacob Arnett               6-4                   So.                   Tipton-Rosemark (Cordova)

Robert Boyd               6-3                   Fr.                   Fulton (Knoxville)

Damarius Smith         6-4                   Fr.                   Kenwood (Clarksville)

Brian Wright              6-6                   Jr.                    Brentwood Academy (Brentwood)

Brett Staal                  6-4                   Jr.                    Lipscomb (Nashville)

Brandon Brown          6-7                   Sr.                   Brentwood Academy (Brentwood)

North Florida

Kyle Groothuis           6-7                   Sr.                   Bradley Central (Cleveland)

Big 12 Conference


Laurence Bowers       6-8                   Jr.                    St. George's (Collierville)

Big East Conference


Darnell Wilks             6-7                   Sr.                   NCA (Nashville)


Michael Bradley        6-10                 Fr.                   Tyner Academy (Chattanooga)

Seton Hall

Ferrakohn Hall           6-8                   So.                   White Station (Memphis)

West Virginia

Jonnie West               6-3                   Sr.                   Lausanne (Memphis)

Big Sky Conference

Idaho State

Broderick Gilcrest     6-0                   Sr.                   Hamilton (Memphis)

Nick Mason               6-1                   Fr.                   Southwind (Memphis)

Sherrod Baldwin         6-0                   Jr.                    Collierville (Collierville)

Big South Conference

Charleston Southern

Jeremy Sexton           6-2                   So.                   Temple (Chattanooga)


Joshua Henley           6-3                   Jr.                    Hunter's Lane (Nashville)


Carter McMasters    6-11                 So.                   Grace Baptist (Chattanooga)


J.P. Primm                  6-1                   Jr.                    Dickson County (Dickson)


Josh Johnson              6-3                   Jr.                    Hendersonville (Hendersonville)

Jay Reynolds             6-10                 So.                   Maryville (Maryville)

Big Ten Conference


Austin Hollins 6-4                   Fr.                   Germantown (Germantown)

Colonial Athletic Conference

George Mason

Johnny Williams         6-8                   So.                   Briarcrest Christian (Eads)


Chaisson Allen           6-4                   Sr.                   Oakland (Murfreesboro)

Conference USA


Joe Jackson               5-11                 Fr.                   White Station (Memphis)

Chris Crawford           6-4                   Fr.                   Sheffield (Memphis)

Tarik Black                6-8                   Fr.                   Ridgeway (Memphis)

Drew Barham 6-7                   So.                   CBHS (Memphis)

Trey Draper               5-10                 Fr.                   White Station (Memphis)

Charles Holt               5-10                 So.                   Liberty Tech (Jackson)

Preston Laird             6-3                   Jr.                    Germantown (Germantown)


Cory Pflieger              6-3                   Sr.                   Dickson County (Dickson)

Southern Mississippi

Torrye Pelham           6-6                   Sr.                   Maplewood (Nashville)


Tim Peete                   6-3                   Fr.                   Central (Memphis)

Texas El-Paso (UTEP)

Randy Culpepper       5-11                 Sr.                   Sheffield (Memphis)

Myron Strong 6-2                   Sr.                   Hamilton (Memphis)

Gabriel McCulley      6-7                   Jr.                    Craigmont (Memphis)

Jeremy Williams        6-7                   Sr.                   Hamilton (Memphis)