Team Nashville… July Schedule


A college coach once told me his view on the July evaluation period, and it went something like this.

I like to sit down with my assistants after we have canvassed the earth and put our thoughts about each player on paper then make some hard decisions. In other words, he claimed, the July period is for us make a judgement on whether or not this kid can play and his final high school season will either confirm or deny our assessment.

So its as simple as that, July is when to get seen and your senior season is to validate that summer sighting.

A group of players in Nashville is looking for just that with July knocking on the door, they call themselves Team Nashville and they have made some strides already in April and May, so they will be salivating at the prospect of a grand July.

The backcourt remains in the capable hands of  Freddie Lee (Maplewood), Hollis Edwards (McGavock), Vincent Ross (White's Creek) and Cedric Young (Overton). 

Lee is catalyst to what makes or breaks this squad, his leadership ability will be key to their success this summer.

The fortunes of Team Nashville will rest on the sturdy shoulders of their dynamic wing Teraes Clemmons (Mt. Juliet). As his game continues to grow, along with the continued improvement of  Robert Wade (Maplewood), this could be one of the surprise teams of the summer. Wade has improved his game and at times can be the most dominant player on the floor with his ability to block shots and rebound and score.

Look for additional help from the likes of Maxwell Ugboaja (Hillwood) and Daniel McFadden (Ensworth).

July Schedule:

Hoosier Shooutout-Indianapolis (July 6-9)

MemphisSelect Classic 4-Memphis (July 10-12)

AAU Super Showcase-Orlando (July 23-27) 




McFadden (Ensworth).