Steele Leads Final District Scoring List



Here is the remainder of the scoring list for the district tourneys. Saturday begins the Region tourney with home games for the top seeds before descending on the neutral sites.


Chris Cox (Big Sandy) continues his assault on the rim dangling 39 points on West Carroll in the district championship game.


Casey Prather (Jackson Northside) fresh off his nomination as a finalist for Mr. Basketball, the Jackson star was huge in the district tourney, dropping 27 against Brighton and 29 on Dyer County.  


Jordan Cross (Sullivan East) was at his best in the district title game scoring 30 points in big win over Unicoi County.

Jalen Steele (Fulton) sank 32 points in a tough win over Carter in the district title game.  


C.J. Alred (Clinton) led the Dragons with 37 points in a big win over Knoxville Central giving Clinton the top seed in the district tournament.



District Tournament Scoring Leaders:


Kelvin Clay (Red Bank) 31pts vs. Brainerd

Ike Griffith (Middle College) 32pts vs. Douglass

Jay Murphy (Bolivar Central) 25pts vs. JCM

Brandon Yates (Fayette-Ware) 32pts vs. Liberty Tech

Casey Prather (Jackson Northside) 27pts vs. Brighton

Thomas Greer (West Carroll) 31pts vs. Big Sandy

Joe Fritts (McMinn Central) 32pts vs. Sequoyah

Cory Billingsley (Sweetwater) 27pts vs. Polk County

Scott Blake (South Greene) 28pts vs. Cumberland Gap

Tyler Hood (Lenoir City) 30pts vs. Knoxville Catholic

Jordan Cross (Sullivan East) 30pts vs. Unicoi County

Jeremy Fuller (JCM) 25pts vs. Bolivar Central

Chris Cox (Big Sandy) 39pts vs. West Carroll

Logan Morgan (Cloudland) 28pts vs. Hampton

Jonathan Evans (University) 25pts vs. North Greene

LaDarius Brown (Overton) 28pts vs. Germantown

Martavious Newby (BTW) 27pts vs. Carver

Lester Gude (Covington) 25pts vs. Haywood

Kaneal Windom (JCM) 26pts vs. Fayette-Ware

Todd Mayo (Germantown) 35pts vs. Overton

Madison Futrell (Munford) 30pts vs. Brighton

Marcus Guy (Overton) 25pts vs. Germantown

Fred Yarbrough (Dyer County) 26pts vs. Jackson Northside

Carl McKenzie (Covington) 35pts vs. Haywood

Casey Prather (Jackson Northside) 29pts vs. Dyer County

Austin Gardner (Morristown East) 28pts vs. Cocke County

Jalen Steele (Fulton) 32pts vs. Carter

Marcus Price (Douglass) 25pts vs. River City

Jabriel Washington (TCA) 27pts vs. Adamsville

Landon Hehe (Scotts Hill) 28pts vs. Middleton

Tyler Hood (Lenoir City) 25pts vs. Bearden

Graham Churchwell (Adamsville) 27pts vs. TCA

C.J. Alred (Clinton) 37pts vs. Knoxville Central