State Tournament Scoring Success



With the state tournament concluded we have put together some of the scoring successes at the event.


Top Scoring Averages (Minimum 2 Games)

Kendall Anthony (Liberty Tech) 25.7

Javonte Woody (Middleton) 25.7

Nathaneal Hughes (Hampton) 25.0

Ty Greene (Bearden) 22.0

Andre Hollins (White Station) 21.5

Rafeal Tyler (Lake County) 20.3

Stephen Hurt (Siegel) 20.0


Top Individual Performances

Zavion Williams (West Creek) 37pts vs. Siegel

Kendall Anthony (Liberty Tech) 33pts vs. Fulton

Ty Greene (Bearden) 32pts vs. McMinn County

Kendall Anthony (Liberty Tech) 31pts vs. Howard

Javonte Woody (Middleton) 29pts vs. Perry County

Brandon Cole (Stone Memorial) 28pts vs. Bolivar Central

Monte Burney (Clarksville) 28pts vs. White Station

Rafeal Tyler (Lake County) 27pts vs. CSAS

Rico White (Bearden) 27pts vs. Siegel

Andre Hollins (White Station) 27pts vs. Clarksville

Nathaneal Hughes (Hampton) 26pts vs. Summertown

Dylan Ward (Hampton) 23pts vs. Summertown

Nathaneal Hughes (Hampton) 24pts vs. Lake County

Javonte Woody (Middleton) 22pts vs. Cloudland

Phillip Stanford (Knoxville West) 22pts vs. Craigmont

Cannon Rhodes (Perry County) 22pts vs. Clay County

Jake Huitt (Livingston Academy) 21pts vs. East Literature

Stephen Hurt (Siegel) 21pts vs. Bearden

Dray Mercer (Perry County) 21pts vs. Middleton

Jordan Washington (Craigmont) 20pts vs. Knoxville West