Siegel vs. Shelbyville (12/27)

emmanuel andrews 2.jpg

This one should be fun!!!!!

You can't say that the Stars are not out there playing the best.

Participating in the Larry Finch Classic in Memphis this week, including a clash with Liberty Tech tomorrow night, the Stars then hurry back home and hoop on over to Riverdale for a clash with 9-2 Shelbyville.

The Venture Express Great 8 Holiday Tourney features a nice lineup of squads (more info on this tourney tomorrow) with this game highlighting the action on Saturday.

Siegel will be led by the junior triumvirate of Kerry Hammonds, Marc Gooch and Levon Tate. The 6'5 Tate will be a difference maker with his non-stop hustle on the glass, as he will have a considerable height and size advantage on the younger Shelbyville posts.

Posts!!! We don;t need no posts!!!

So says Shelbyville sharpshooter Emmanuel Andrews. The rising junior is on a big time scoring binge and would love nothing more than to continue this onslaught against the Stars. Deonte Twilley will be running the show for the Eagles and be the setup man for EA Hoops........hes in the game.

If nothing else this will be fun to watch.