Siegel Play Day…….Loaded (November 5th)



Hoops season is officially underway with practice and the return of the play day. Siegel High School hosts its annual event this Saturday, November 5th with a host of big time teams and players for everyone to catch a first glimpse.


A list of some of the top performers who should participate this Saturday includes:

Cameron Gordon (Shelbyville)

Christian Haile (Shelbyville)

Brad McClung (Station Camp)

Easton Cline (Station Camp)

Sonni Young (DeKalb County)

Will Jennings (Nashville Overton)

Jalen Lindsey (CPA)

Craig Bradshaw (CPA)

Jake Allsmiller (CPA)

Braxton Bonds (CPA)

Spencer Shoffner (Oak Ridge)

Cory Fagan (Oak Ridge)

Austin Dole (Harpeth)

Ethan Hurt (Harpeth)

Caleb Chowbay (Mt. Juliet)

Alex Poythress (Northeast)


Game schedule is as follows:

Main Gym at Siegel High School

8:00 Shelbyville vs. Station Camp

9:00 Cane Ridge vs. Shelbyville

10:00 Siegel vs. Station Camp

11:00 Oak Ridge vs. CPA

12:00 Siegel vs. Cane Ridge

1:00 CPA vs. Mt. Juliet

2:00 Siegel vs. Nashville Overton

3:00 Mt. Juliet vs. Nashville Overton

4:00 Oak Ridge vs. Northeast


Auxiliary Gym at Siegel High School

8:00 Gallatin vs. DeKalb County

9:00 Nashville Overton vs. Gallatin

10:00 CPA vs. DeKalb County

11:00 Harpeth vs. Gallatin

12:00 Shelbyville vs. DeKalb County

1:00 Northeast vs. Harpeth

2:00 Oak Ridge vs. Station Camp