Rocky Top Fall League (Cleveland) Rosters and Schedule




Here are the rosters for the Rocky Top Fall League in Cleveland. The numerical rosters will be available at the first game when the jerseys are passed out. Please remember to bring your entry form and fee before your first game on Saturday. I will post the schedule for the first week's games at the end of this list.


Antonio Jackson-Ooltewah

Austin Moore-Meigs County

Damir Hasanbegovic-Ooltewah

Austin Harwood-Walker Valley

Ty Presley-Ooltewah

Jacob Herd-Walker Valley

Seth Shearman-Meigs County

Sam Gregory-Walker Valley



Hall Allen-Boyd Buchanan

Jahmahl Johnson-Cleveland

B.J. Wilkerson-Signal Mountain

Jeremiah Nason-Boyd Buchanan

Logan Cox-Bradley Central

Josh Ely-Bradley Central

Zach Jenkins-Boyd Buchanan

Lannom Sowell-Signal Mountain



Steadman Ford-Notre Dame

Bradley McCurdy-Bradley Central

Andrew Millsaps-Sequoyah

Taylor Hawkins-Sequoyah

Taylor Bentley-Bradley Central

Keywaun Davenport-Notre Dame

Walker McGowan-Bradley Central

Jackson Brownfield-Walker Valley



Caio Hysinger-Walker Valley

Levi Woods-Meigs County

Sadik Spence-Tyner Academy

Bradley Whymer-Soddy Daisy

DeAndre Clark-Meigs County

Jermicah Bowman-Tyner Academy

Clifton Haney-Meigs County

Briston Bridgeman-Tyner Academy



Clynt Bell-Dade County

Skylar Steinmetz-Oakdale

Cole Birchfield-Dade County

Tucker Bass-Ooltewah

Miles Cothran-Ooltewah

Ben Snider-Ooltewah

Dustin Howard-Dade County

Taylor Rhodes-Cleveland



Kendrick Thompson-Cleveland

Daniel Brooks-Gordon Lee

Colby Tatum-Cleveland

Jhoney Gemos-Hamilton Heights

D'Monta Smith-Hixson

John Hall-Silverdale Academy

Dustin Little-Cleveland

Rokas Paulauskas-Hamilton Heights



Justus McMillan-Boyd Buchanan

Jay Besley-Brainerd

Jorden Williams-McCallie

Q.D. Cox-Boyd Buchanan

James McRee-Cleveland

Marquis Tipton-Brainerd

Austin Walker-Boyd Buchanan

Alex Watkins-Tyner Academy



Anfernee Scott-Cleveland

Jamaal Calvin-McCallie

Tristan Spradling-Meigs County

Dominic Powell-East Hamilton

Isaiah Beatty-Cleveland

Mason Brown-Cleveland

Kenny Benton-East Hamilton

Ladarius Watkins-East Hamilton



August 25th (Revised Schedule)

9:00-Tennessee vs. Florida

10:00-Marquette vs. Connecticut

11:00-Auburn vs. Vanderbilt

12:00-Syracuse vs. Louisville