Ridgeway Sits Atop the Fabulous 15



After missing a week due to surgery the Tennessee Prep Hoops Fabulous 15 is back for Week #2. Ridgeway moves to the top spot with Melrose falling to Memphis Central last week.



1. Ridgeway 16-0 (2)

Tested sure, but unwavering in their quest to represent Memphis at the state tourney. Cameron Golden (Ridgeway) is a rising star for sure.

@ Kirby (1/26); @ Sheffield (1/27); Overton (1/29)


2. Melrose 21-1 (1)

Small bump in the road will not deter the Golden Hurricanes and super junior guard and Tennessee commitment "Mighty" Chris Jones (Melrose).

@ Hamilton (1/29)


3. Bearden 19-0 (5)

The Bulldogs are simply getting it done, fighting through injuries and a resurgent Rico "Suave" White (Bearden).

@ Austin East (1/26); Lenoir City (1/29)


4. Southwind 17-2 (4)

Beware of the lurking giant, just kind of staying in the background while the others fight it out and they swoop in and claim the crown. Darrian Gray (Southwind) rising.

@ Houston (1/26); Kirby (1/29)


5. White Station 16-3 (6)

Three big wins last week and a monster effort from Andre Hollins (White Station) in the win over Central.

@ Whitehaven (1/26); @ New Jersey Shootout (1/30)


6. Memphis Central 15-3 (9)

Pulled off the mild upset of Melrose last week but fell to White Station, this race is going to be much fun to keep up with. Jarnell Stokes (Memphis Central) top player in 2012?

@ Mitchell (1/26); @ Memphis East (1/29)


7. Clarksville Northeast 16-1 (3)

Suffered a loss to rival Clarksville but still the best team in the mid-state (Overton may have something to say about that). Two district games on slate for this week.

@ Henry County (1/26); Springfield (1/29)


8. Fulton 15-2 (11)

The Falcons have got their groove back and are rolling through East Tennessee. Things will get even brighter when junior Galen "G-Smoov" Campbell (Fulton) comes back from injury.

@ Gibbs (1/26); Pigeon Forge (1/28); Alcoa (1/29)


9. Nashville Overton 19-2 (13)

What's this noise about Northeast being the best team in the mid-state, come March we shall see for real. Mookie Betts (Overton) might be the best natural athlete in Nashville.

Hillwood (1/26); @ Cane Ridge (1/29)


10. Bolivar Central 16-2 (7)

The Tigers fell to Jackson Northside but have a rematch with them on Monday to settle the score. The road games could be a chore for the boys from Bolivar, probably not.

@ Jackson Northside (1/25); @ Chester County (1/26); @ Jackson Southside (1/29)


11. Cordova 15-2 (NR)

The best team no one even knows about has crept into our consciousness and could be here to stay. Anderson Cunningham (Cordova) is someone you need to know.

@ Raleigh-Egypt (1/26); Bolton (1/29)


12. Hunter's Lane 17-3 (12)

Lurking in the shadows and ready to strike until they get their rematch with Overton next month. Till then win games and move on.

Glencliff (1/26); @ Hillwood (1/29)


13. Gatlinburg-Pittman 17-2 (NR)

Avenged one of their 2 losses at Carter this past week and the highlanders appear to building chemistry for the stretch run coming next month. Jose Agosto (Gatlinburg-Pittman) is worth the trip.

Sevier County (1/25); @ Union County (1/29)


14. Dyer County 20-3 (8)

Dropped two games over the past couple of weeks to Jackson Northside and Lausanne, which should be enough motivation for the Choctaws to close this out extremely strong.

@ Hardin County (1/29)


15. Craigmont 18-2 (NR)

Has the city of Memphis ever been this loaded? The Chiefs appear to be an afterthought and they will relish in this role, don't look now but they will take you down just as soon as look at you.

@ Millington (1/26)





Beech 18-3

CBHS 17-2

Clarksville Academy 21-2

Knoxville Central 16-4

Knoxville West 15-3



Germantown 17-5

Howard 12-2

Liberty Tech 16-3

Sheffield 15-5

Tyner Academy 14-2




Bartlett 15-3

Cleveland 14-3

Creek Wood 16-2

Mt. Juliet 16-4

Unicoi County 16-3