Ridgeway Rules the Roost…”Lucky 13″ Ahead

This should be a fun adventure.

TPH releases the first "Lucky 13" team rankings for the state. The rankings will be open to all schools regardless fo class and should be fun to discuss and debate over.

I will preface this with some comments such as teams are judged on their own merit. I know some AAA teams with a few losses could beat some A teams with less; however, we are rewarding achievement and how you do against your peers is vital. I also know their will some records that may not be correct, please give me a heads up if you see something out of whack.

Shall we begin:

1.  Ridgeway (14-0)

Good early season schedule puts the Roadrunners at the top of the heep.

@ Kirby (1/8) ,@ Houston (1/11)


2. BTW (12-0)

Always a AA power this year no exception, deep lineup.

Frayser (1/8), @ Oakhaven (1/10), Carver (1/11)


3.  Union City (17-0)

Class A stalwart on pace to make a dream season a reality. M.J. Brown leads the way.

Humboldt (1/8), @ Dresden (1/11)


4.  Bearden (14-1)

East Tennessee juggernaut has size, depth, talent and the Stat-Man Nathan Parker. Look out.

William Blount (1/8), @ South Doyle (1/11)


5.  Howard (10-0)

Chattanooga powerhouse has big date with Austin East on Friday. Voracious defense their mantra.

Hixson (1/8), Austin East (1/11)


6.  Braircrest Christian (15-3)

DII leader has four D1 starters (McDonald, Wooten, Williams, Lee) and now add to that confidence.

@Tupelo, Ms. (1/8), St. Benedict (1/11)


7.  Oak Ridge (14-1)

Atomic City madmen rolling through the opposition, stern tests still to come.

Campbell County (1/8), @ Powell (1/11)


8.  St. George's (10-0)

Haven't played a great deal but Elliot Williams gives them the juice to go as far as they wish.

@Tipton-Rosemark (1/8), CBHS (1/10)


9.  Kirby (12-2)

Not your traditional Memphis power but solid and tough. Big early seasons wins.

@Ridgeway (1/8)


10. Maryville (11-3)

Defending AAA champs have the beast Aaron Douglas back, gave Bearden their blemish

Lenoir City (1/8), Sevier County (1/11)


11. Dyer County (17-1)

Wish to make more noise at state this year, Blake is sweet and big boys coming soon.

@Obion County (1/8), @ Martin Westview (1/11)


12. Antioch (10-2)

New mentor has the Bears rolling. Once chemistry starts to engulf this squad will be dangerous.

@ White's Creek (1/8)


T13. Manassas (18-4)

Alot of games, alot of wins, alot of depth. Reginald Buckner is rising high, our next high major.

@ MASE (1/8), @ Middle College (1/11)


T13. CPA (11-3)

No losses inside the state's borders. Mason is more than two handfuls. Miller keeps them honest.

East Literature (1/8), @ Ezell-Harding (1/11)



10 On The Rim: (Listed Aplabetically)

Anderson County (14-2)

Austin East (13-4)

Bolivar Central (13-3)

Brainerd (9-2)

CBHS (17-3)

Dobyns Bennett (14-2)

Humboldt (10-3)

Oakland (13-1)

Raleigh-Egypt (10-3)

St. Benedict (12-1)


The "Lucky 13" will be publsihed every Tuesday. Hope you enjoy.