Its been a long time since The Truth has went lets roll.

My prom was a highlight of my life!  I took the former Miss HHS of 2007 last year, and she was beautiful.  We wore a"tweety-bird" yellow for our color.  I've been expecting this prom for a long time since I've never been to one before.  Everybody was coming up to us talking about how good we looked together.  Let's get this straight.  She was the celebrity so she made me look good.  People coming from left and right taking pictures.  My date made me feel like a celebrity.  It was all good too. 

With all of that success going on, I really thought it was going to be a natural weather disaster.  Haywood was under a tornado and thunderstorm watch.  So the storm started coming right before prom started.  I had to go pick my date up all the way in the country-well almost in another county.  She stayed out of the way, and you know how high gas is now a days....but like I said, she was beatuful, and she was definitely worth the drive.

I met her family, and her mom was real crazy.  She was cool though.  Her mom took the storm SO seriously!  She was actually prepared to go into the ditch outside if the tornado was in the area.  I smiled because I wasn't about to go outside in my tuxedo and get all muddy.  The storm was getting worse so my date's mother told her that she wasn't going to the prom because of the weather.  I made an ugly face like...this woman must be crazy.  So, my date literally went back and took her prom dress off.  I was like NO!!!!!!!

We were watching the news, and we were in the "red" part.  I wasn't scared at all cause I knew that God would let the storm pass over.  It became calm, and it started to sprinkle a little bit.  I was like...YES!!! Never speak too fast because my date was just sitting there.  In my mind I was saying, "Aren't you going to go put your dress back on?"  So my date started talking about how hungry she was.  She went into the kitchen and just started messing around.  At this point, I'm mad.  We were already late.

Fortunately, my date came to her senses, and she went to put back on her dress.  Thinking she was progressing, her mom interrupted and told her to hold on.  Hold on?  I was like...HURRY UP?  My date had to go to the front door and look outside the door to see the sky for herself.  She realized that she would go ahead and go despite the weather condtions.  Now I'm thinking, "ABOUT TIME!" 

The prom was held in Haywood High's gymnasium.  The theme was:  "Las Vegas."  We made it to the school safely.  I was happy, my date was happy, and I guess the "crazy mom" was happy.  I hope my date's mom doesn't read this.  ha..ha...I am "The Truth"