Player Rankings Information and More

Can you believe its already summer hoops time, I know I can't.

Let me get this started by telling everyone thanks for helping Tennessee Prep Hoops achieve new milestones with hits and unique users this past year. We could not have done it without everyone's support.

I have worked very hard trying to get opportunities for the players in our state that were not available to them a few years ago.

Now on to the player rankings. With the two unsigned camps and the start of my Rocky Top League and my trip to the Real Deal coming up, I have pushed the date for the rankings to September 25th, which is a Monday.

I would also like to let everyone know about our final Unsigned Senior Showcase at Maryville College on Saturday, April 23rd. We have spots available and you can pre-register by clicking on the banner right above this article.

I also wanted to stress to any of you AAU/Summer coaches if you participate in an event and want me to do a story on it, please get in contact with me at

Many of you coaches already do that and I appreciate being able to give the information to everyone about who is playing well from our state all around the country.