Player Rankings and More Information

I hope this finds everyone doing well and we are off to another fine start here in the high school hoops season.

I wanted to tell everyone where we stood on the player rankings and give you some more information about some other events that are coming up in the near future. 

First I always like to do the player rankings twice during a calendar year; however, with my Dad's cancer I was unable to do them this year just after the summer period like I always have. I decided to wait until after the season has concluded as it is to hard to do the player rankings during the season. So look for the next player rankings to come out around the end of March shortly after the state tournament has concluded. 

We are also looking at making a change to the look of the website to keep things fresh and that should take place very soon. 

We will announce soon the dates of our unsigned senior events and hope to have one in Middle, West and East Tennessee if we can find the facilities and the time. 

You may have noticed we started our Player of the Week selections and will start with the Game of the Week selections this week. 

I have also been selected to participate in the voting for the state rankings, I will post my ballot each Sunday night to show everyone where my votes are going. 

I will be heading to Memphis for the Penny Hardaway Hoopfest next week and hope to see my friends in Memphis at the event.

Thanks again for allowing me to help get the players of our state noticed and out there for the coaches and everyone to see.