Player Ranking News

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With the regular season coming to a close in the next couple of weeks, teams around the state prepare for district, region and state action.

We will turn off the player rankings as of some time Wednesday, January 30th.

The rankings will be updated and ready for viewing on March 17th, the day after the state tournament games are over.

I will be sending the updated version to Hoop Scoop for inclusion on their national rankings.

I encourage everyone to check out the "Speaking the Truth" feature by clicking on the picture of Ricky Taylor, which appears on the front of the site. This has been very well recieved and is quite an interesting look into the life and times of one of the states best ballers.

We will be adding a great deal of players to the rankings and will be proving considerable depth for every class.

Seniors stay tuned for the Tennessee Prep Hoops High School Senior/JUCO events which will be coming to all three parts of the state in the weeks right after the state tourney. We have confirmed our East Tennessee event for April 5th at Carson Newman. Stay tuned for a sign up banner about a month before the event.

Good luck to everyone come playoff time....we'll be watching.