Nashville Fall League Rosters and Opening Week Schedule

Saturday things get underway at the inaugural Tennessee Prep
Hoops Nashville Fall League at CPA in Nashville.


We will have eight teams and they are divided into two
divisions which we will call the SEC and the ACC.


In the SEC we will have Vanderbilt (Team 1), Tennessee (Team 2), Kentucky
(Team 3) and Florida
(Team 4).


In the ACC we will have North Carolina (Team 5), Duke (Team 6),
Clemson (Team 7) and Georgia Tech (Team 8).


The schedule for the 19th will be as follows:


9:00 Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee

10:00 Kentucky vs. Florida

11:00 North
Carolina vs. Duke

12:00 Clemson vs. Georgia Tech


Here are the tentative rosters for the eight squads. There
will be changes made accordingly based on need or players who do not attend or
are added.


Team 1 (Vanderbilt)

Keenan Froedden (Sycamore)

Jamie Lloyd (Harpeth)

Jess Morris (Harpeth)

Bryan Duncan (Ezell-Harding)

Miles Davis (Webb

Cole Bradshaw (Harpeth)

Jalen Lindsey (CPA)

Brandon Cook (CPA)


Team 2 (Tennessee)

Jack Montague (Brentwood)

Jake Whitney (Ravenwood)

Atul Agnihotri (Brentwood)

Dontario Dansby (Harpeth)

Caymon Dial (LaVergne)

Josh Whitney (Ravenwood)

Landon Meier (CPA)


Team 3 (Kentucky)

Chris Cox (Big Sandy)

Nick Walker (Nashville

Braxton Bonds (CPA)

Ryan Pilkinton (Culleoka)

Cole Robinson (Blackman)

Allen Heaston (CPA)

Jake Lazas (Brentwood)

Tate Travaglini (FRA)


Team 4 (Florida)

Daijon Williams (Clarksville)

Clark Brandon (Wilson Central)

Ross Welch (DCA)

Skylar Sims (CPA)

Ryan Gentle (FRA)

Carter Bills (CPA)

Connor Brandon (Wilson Central)


Team 5 (North Carolina)

Alex Thomas (Ensworth)

Ambrose Kirk (Antoich)

James Upshaw (Culleoka)

James Cox (Brentwood)

Anvil Nelson (Brentwood)

Gunnar Miller (CPA)

Zach Henson (Culleoka)

Josh Williams (Lipscomb)


Team 6 (Duke)

Elliott West (Brentwood)

Lee Dreaden (Nashville

Killen Middleton (MTCS)

Dakota Priest (Nashville

Robert Veal (Ravenwood)

Matthew Wilson (CPA)

James Wilson (CPA)

Zavion Williams (Clarksville


Team 7 (Clemson)

Andy Moore (Ravenwood)

Kubi Sikisi (Overton)

Cham Cham Quao (Webb

John Ross Glover (USJ)

Clay Lineberry (USJ)

Andrew Wilson (Brentwood)

Tyler Thompson (Brentwood)


Team 8 (Georgia Tech)

Taylor Akers (CPA)

Montrae Williams (Spring Hill)

Jonathan Fields (White's Creek)

T.J. Reece (Harpeth)

Devonte Brooks (McGavock)

Britt Headden (Franklin

Timothy Coleman (Bartlett)