Nashville Fall League Rosters and Opening Day Schedule



The Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League tips this Saturday, September 24th at CPA in Nashville with games beginning at 9:00.


The league is divided into two division, the East which will feature Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida and LSU and the West which features Duke, Clemson, Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Wake Forest.

I will email your game times and full schedules to everyone who included a working email on their registration form.


The schedule for the first week is as follows:


9:00 Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee

10:00 Kentucky vs. Florida

11:00 LSU vs. Wake Forest

12:00 Duke vs. Clemson

1:00 Georgia Tech vs. North Carolina


Here are the rosters with the numerical number for every player:

East Division


1-Zac Varner (Nashville Christian)

2-Jaime Lloyd (Harpeth)

3-Jack Montague (Brentwood)

4-Elias Cane (Nashville Overton)

5-Jeff Long (Hendersonville)

6-Jalen Lindsey (CPA)

7-Kwame Quao (Webb School)

8-Bryant Fox (Nashville Christian)

9-J.J. Embry (Nashville Christian)

10-Ethan Fowler (Loretto) 



11-Jalen Hunter (Goodpasture)

12-Jaron Marlow (Harpeth)

13-Billy Hughes (Hunter's Lane)

14-Tanner Newton (Harpeth)

15-Braxton Blackwell (CPA) 

16-Jess Morris (Harpeth)

17-Yalen Reed (Lighthouse Christian)

18-Jake Allsmiller (CPA)

20-Kyle Weldon (Rossview)



21-Micah Davis (CPA)

22-Josh Erickson (DCA)

23-Brandon Weed (Camden Central)

24-Zach Hodskins (Ravenwood)

25-Cannon Rhodes (Perry County)

26-Jacob Hooker (FRA)

27-Briley Glass (Loretto)

28-Austin Dole (Harpeth)

29-Nathan Watkins (Ensworth)

30-Rob Marberry (FRA)



31-William Primm (Pearl Cohn)

32-Davis Anderton (Harpeth)

33-Easton Cline (Station Camp)

34-Caleb Chowbay (Mt. Juliet)

36-Jake Clifft (Loretto)

37-Robert Jarmon (White's Creek)

38-Jalen Duke (MLK)

39-Chance Bouldin (FRA)

40-Parker Howell (CPA)



41-Ben Williams (White's Creek)

42-Connor Brandon (Wilson Central)

43-Jacob Saunders (Cheatham County)

44-Casey Brandon (Wilson Central)

45-Carson Chaffin (Lipsomcb)

46-Deon Richardson (West Creek)

47-Malcolm St. Louis (Wilson Central)

48-Caymon Dial (LaVergne)

49-Cole Bradshaw (Harpeth)

50-Abdinasir Omar (McGavock)



West Division


51-Austin Gee (Ezell-Harding)

52-Bud Cannon (FRA)

53-Tyree Nightingale (East Literature)

54-Kendall Ray (Shelbyville)

55-Asa Duvall (Brentwood)

56-Ethan Hurt (Harpeth)

57-Tevin Hudson (Cleveland)

58-Sam Rhoten (Goodpasture)

60-Jordan Bedwell (White House-Heritage)



61-Dante Hall (Maplewood)

62-Cameron Gordon (Shelbyville)

63-Ted Bryant (FRA)

64-Maison Anderton (Harpeth)

65-Brandon Cook (CPA)

66-Sawyer Duffey (Camden Central)

67-Donya Burnett (Riverdale)

68-Brock Rowan (Stone Memorial)

69-Patrick Mullinicks (McEwen)

70-Kessler Bell (FRA)


Georgia Tech

71-Tyler Dell (Waverly Central)

72-Duncan Smith (MBA)

73-T.J. Reese (Harpeth)

74-Will Jennings (Nashville Overton)

75-Patrick Lowry (Camden Central)

76-Christian Haile (Shelbyville)

77-Victor Malo (Home School)

78-Craig Bradshaw (CPA)

80-Tom Kaiser (MBA)


North Carolina

81-Stephen McQueen (Fairview)

82-Will Harris (Hume Fogg)

83-Hunter Culp (Camden Central)

84-Joshua Jay (DCA)

85-Tyler Soffiantino (Wilson Central)

86-Beau Johnson (Harpeth)

87-Dee Oldham (Wilson Central)

88-Harrison Brammell (Curry Ingram)

89-Amol Kaushaul (MBA)

90-Coleman Spann (CPA)


Wake Forest

91-Austin Brown (Harpeth)

92-Garrett Mullinicks (McEwen)

93-Braxton Bonds (CPA)

94-Brad McClung (Station Camp)

95-Tays Robertson (Loretto)

96-Rickie Bowser (Franklin Classical)

97-Will Clayton (Harpeth)

98-Micah Farmer (MTCS)

99-Jamontae Davis (Hillsboro)

100-Andrew Fleming (Ensworth)