Mid-State Traveling: Tonight’s Destination Spring Hill

kedren johnson.jpg


I always love when I can make my way to Middle Tennessee and check out a slew of games from Tuesday to Saturday and this week has thus far been very enjoyable.


On Tuesday, I made the trip to Chattanooga to watch one of our up and coming freshman D.J. Bowles (Notre Dame) and came away impressed with both him and his young running mate Steadman Ford (Notre Dame).

Both freshman did some things very well and you can see the talent but the best player on the floor was sophomore point guard Daniel Cartwright (Sequatchie County).

Last night I made my way to Greenbrier to catch Craig Bradshaw (Greenbrier) as they battled a well coached and determined Creek Wood squad.


Creek Wood came away with the victory 48-37 and had some solid performances from a few of their big kids.


I will be making the trek to Spring Hill tonight to catch Kedren Johnson (Marshall County) as they battle the home squad.


Then on Saturday, I will come back to Nashville to catch "King" Arthur McMillan (Hillsboro) as the Burros travel to MBA to do battle with their talented young squad.


I will post most likely on Monday the top 10 performances, I witnessed on my travels through the state this past week.


Hope to see you at the game!!!!!!!