Memphis Shotblocker Stays in State


A great coach once told me, "At the end of the game when everyone is tired and holding their shorts, this kid is still 6'9".

Profound words to say the least.

Size is a premium and athletic size is even more coveted, so it comes as no surprise when the Bison of Lipscomb made Charles Smith (Southwind) their second recruit in the Class of 2012 and the sixth in the state.

Smith does not have gaudy stats as his offensive game is still a work in progress but he does have length, athleticism and seems to grasp his role quite nicely. A sound shot blocker, Smith could reach 6'11 by the time he matures.

Smith, who played with the vaunted Memphis YOMCA this summer, saw limited playing time behind a couple of potential pros yet caught the eye of several coaches with his length and potential skill level.

Smith joins John Ross Glover as the second commitment from the Class of 2012 to pledge for Coach Scott Sanderson and Atlantic Sun participants.

Smith is now the sixth member of the Class of 2012 in Tennessee to pledge D1.