“King” Arthur Leads Week #12 Scoring


My man is looking good.

Arthur McMillan (Hillsboro) is showing what he is made of as the season winds itself into district playoff action. The big man dropped 43 points in a shootout with senior Drew Kelly (Centennial. The Miami of Ohio signee acored 37. 

And the list is as follows:

Marquis Wilson (Wooddale) 25pts vs. Overton

Tyler Huston (Pleasant View Christian) 27pts vs. Hendersonville Christian Academy

Justin Stallings (Community) 25pts vs. Nashville Christian

Devin Wagner (Carroll Academy) 26pts vs. Huntingdon

Jarekious Bradley (Memphis East) 25pts vs. Hamilton

Marcus Crawford (Sheffield) 25pts vs. Middle College

Chris Cox (Big Sandy) 28pts vs. Riverside

Jonathan Avaent (South Fulton) 30pts vs. Greenfield

Marshaun Newell (Middle College) 25pts vs. Sheffield

DeAndre Larrue (Carroll Academy) 33pts vs. Hardin County

E.J. Miller (USJ) 32pts vs. MHEA

John Ross Glover (USJ) 25pts vs. MHEA

DeShawn Smith (Blackman) 26pts vs. Siegel

Tyler Huston (Pleasant View Christian) 32pts vs. Metro Christian

Josh Odom (Science Hill) 25pts vs. Tennessee High

David Amos (Grace Christian) 31pts vs. Oneida

Andrew White (Tellico Plains) 29pts vs. Polk County

Chris Poteet (Campbell County) 29pts vs. Scott

Casey Prather (Jackson Northisde) 31pts vs. Hillcrest

Terrell Townsend (CSAS) 27pts vs. 21st Century

JuJuan Fennell (South Pittsburg) 29pts vs. Marion County

John Hudson (MHEA) 30pts vs. USJ

Cody Walker (Sale Creek) 28pts vs. Richard Hardy

Malcolm Jones (South Pittsburg) 26pts vs. Lookout Valley

Cole Tucker (Whitwell) 27pts vs. CSAS

Kyle Howard (Richard Hardy) 29pts vs. Sale Creek

Ish Sanders (Cleveland) 27pts vs. Ooltewah

Rashaun Brown (Oakhaven) 26pts vs. Mitchell

Avery Sanders (FACS) 25pts vs. Memphis Catholic

Chase Newsome (Sale Creek) 26pts vs. Richard Hardy

Reginald Buckner (Manassas) 25pts vs. Middle College

Joe Jackson (White Station) 29pts vs. Wooddale

Tyler Rice (Wayne County) 32pts vs. Summertown

Russell Polk (Middle College) 25pts vs. Manassas

Lewis Jones (Carver) 33pts vs. Treadwell

Gary Pope (Ensworth) 25pts vs. MBA

Adrian Williamson (Hume Fogg) 25pts vs. Lipscomb

Justin Vogel (Waverly Central) 25pts vs. Houston County

Brandon Tuttle (Macon County) 25pts vs. DeKalb County

John Jenkins (Station Camp) 45pts vs. Portland

Andre Brown (Clarksville Northwest) 34pts vs. Rossview

Demarius Smith (Kenwood) 25pts vs. Clarksville Northeast

Zaccheus Mason (CPA) 35pts vs. Ezell Harding

Ben Johnson (Fairview) 31pts vs. Sycamore

Shane Staggs (Sycamore) 26pts vs. Fairview

LeVon Tate (Siegel) 25pts vs. Blackman

Logan Lyle (Unicoi County) 35pts vs. Johnson County

Tyler Hood (Lenoir City) 37pts vs. Farragut

Ryan Click (Maryville) 26pts vs. Sevier County

Ryan Sharpe (Clinton) 26pts vs. Hardin Valley

Cody Carson (Oneida) 31pts vs. Oakdale

LeMelvis Davis (Hillcrest) 26pts vs. Jackson Northside

Marquis Richardson (Munford) 33pts vs. Hardin County

Dwight Tarwater (Webb) 25pts vs. Baylor

Tyler Hood (Lenoir City) 26pts vs. Maryville

Chance Jones (Austin East) 30pts vs. Carter

Zane Gibson (Baylor) 28pts vs. Webb

Giordani Taylor (Franklin County) 25pts vs. Tullahoma

Emmanuel Andrews (Shelbyville) 29pts vs. Mt. Juliet

Arcavious McCurry (Wilson Central) 25pts vs. Hendersonville

Travis Dempsey (Sycamore) 27pts vs. Harpeth

Ben Johnson (Fairview) 25pts vs. Cheatham County

Nathaniel Hughes (Hampton) 28pts vs. Unaka

Tereas Clemmons (Mt. Juliet) 25pts vs. Shelbyville

Dylan Payne (North Greene) 27pts vs. Cloudland

Jordan Edwards (Dobyns Bennett) 28pts vs. Sullivan South

Trey Carruthers (Harpeth) 27pts vs. Sycamore

Bruce Winegar (Sullivan North) 26pts vs. West Greene

Logan Morgan (Cloudland) 26pts vs. South Greene

Seth Green (West Greene) 26pts vs. Sullivan North

Taylor Reed (MUS) 36pts vs. Cordova

Joe Jackson (White Station) 27pts vs. Collierville

Rex Pierce (Dyer County) 27pts vs. Milan

Brandon Upchurch (Clarkrange) 26pts vs. Van Buren County

Donteal Wright (Summertown) 25pts vs. Perry County

D.J. Key (Hickman County) 45pts vs. Lewis County

Adrian Williamson (Hume Fogg) 27pts vs. Pearl Cohn

Cory Stanton (Springfield) 39pts vs. Rossview

John Jenkins (Station Camp) 44pts vs. DCA

Houston Bagsby (Page) 30pts vs. Spring Hill

Marquis Rudolph (Clarksville Northwest) 27pts vs. Dickson County

Meiko Lyles (USN) 27pts vs. Webb School

Tez Sneed (Dickson County) 35pts vs. Clarksville Northwest

Terrell Townsend (CSAS)  34pts vs. Lookout Valley

Nick Ross (Red Bank) 26pts vs. Ooltewah

Zephan Guyear (Marion County) 37pts vs. Whitwell

Matt Ridley (Bledsoe County) 26pts vs. Sequatchie County

Ian Clark (Germantown) 25pts vs. Wooddale

Marlon Brown (Harding Academy) 28pts vs. FACS

Jerome Montgomery (Ooltewah) 25pts vs. Red Bank

Marquis Wilson (Wooddale) 34pts vs. Germantown

Travis Milam (Frayser) 28pts vs. Treadwell

Jarekious Bradley (Memphis East) 31pts vs. Whitehaven

Mardracus Wade (Mitchell) 25pts vs. Westwood

Reginald Buckner (Manassas) 25pts vs. Middleton

Marcus Guy (Overton) 26pts vs. Kirby