Jones and Stokes Riding High at NBPA Camp



Day one of the NBPA Top 100 Players Camp came to a close yesterday with a sterling performance from big Jarnell Stokes (Memphis Central).

The Memphis bruiser scored 14 points leading all scorers for the game. The players at the camp are divided into shifts that rotate every five minutes thus most players participate in basically a half of a game, thus the low scoring totals.

Stokes was in double figures his first game as well scoring 11 points and along with "Mighty" Chris Jones (Melrose), who scored 13 and 8 in his two games, are the two double digit scorers from our state.

Alex Poythress (Clarksville Northeast) has drawn a lot of attention with his fast rising athleticism and his raw potential, including one of the nastiest rebound dunks off a missed shot ever seen. Poythress scored 5 in his first game and then only 2 in last nights contest.

Cedric McAfee (Melrose) is still finding his groove scoring four points in each of his contests thus far and Jordan Price (McCallie) dropped 6 points in his morning session game and scored 4 in last nights contests.

More scoring and information from today's action with two sessions beginning at 10:45.