Hood is Good….Leads Delayed Week #7 Scoring



It seems like so long ago but I still wanted to post the list of scoring leaders for Week #7. This is the week that ended last Sunday and has scoring results from the previous week. I will post Week #8 on Tuesday or Wednesday and then we will be caught up.


Asa Toney (St. George's) continues to have a fine scoring season dropping 25 against Harding Academy then adding 35 against JCS.


Jamal Hughes (Oakland) made his way through the city of Murfreesboro scoring 26 against Blackman then adding 31 in the rivalry game against Siegel.


Casey Prather (Jackson Northside) had a gigantic week dropping 41 points in a win over Dyer County then adding 35 points in a win against Bolivar Central.


Justin Vogel (Waverly Central) had a huge week scoring 42 points in a win over Cheatham County after netting 33 against Montgomery Central.


Mitchell "The Shark" Hill (Cookeville) took a bite out of his opponents scoring 34 against Cleveland and adding 28 in a win over Cumberland County.


Lester Wilson (Carter) broke his schools game scoring record with 44 points in a win over Austin East.


Week #7 Scoring Leaders:


Asa Toney (St. George's) 25pts vs. Harding Academy

Kyle Garner (Carroll Academy) 34pts vs. Macon Road

Drew Smart (Cheatham County) 29pts vs. Harpeth

Quaylon Smith (Halls) 26pts vs. Bradford

Martavious Newby (BTW) 27pts vs. Carver

Virgil Davidson (Hillcrest) 29pts vs. Sheffield

John Lynn (Houston) 25pts vs. Collierville

Davon Mathena (Douglass) 26pts vs. Westwood

Todd Mayo (Germantown) 26pts vs. Kirby

Jeremy Goods (Bishop Byrne) 25pts vs. Harding Academy

Asa Toney (St. George's) 35pts vs. JCS

Paul Frierott (St. Benedict) 26pts vs. FCA

Logan Lyle (Unicoi County) 28pts vs. Hampton

Mitchell Hill (Cookeville) 34pts vs. Cleveland

Robert Wade (Maplewood) 26pts vs. CPA

Blake Bell (Lipscomb) 26pts vs. MLK

Justin Vogel (Waverly Central) 33pts vs. Montgomery Central

Malcolm Smith (Clarksville Academy) 34pts vs. McEwen

Branson Lankster (Merrol Hyde) 31pts vs. Jo Byrns

Blake Houston (Cookeville) 27pts vs. Cleveland

Jamal Hughes (Oakland) 26pts vs. Blackman

Martin Smith (Clarksville Academy) 25pts vs. Columbia Academy

Tyler Vittetoe (Union County) 30pts vs. Pigeon Forge

Ross Cannon (Halls) 25pts vs. Oak Ridge

Tyler Hood (Lenoir City) 26pts vs. Knoxville Catholic

Logan Morgan (Cloudland) 31pts vs. Unaka

Mark Salyers (Sullivan North) 27pts vs. University

Jabriel Washington (TCA) 27pts vs. JCS

Justin Weed (Camden) 25pts vs. McKenzie

Landon Hehe (Scotts Hill) 25pts vs. Bruceton

Areka McKinnie (Middleton) 30pts vs. Adamsville

Brandon Yates (Fayette-Ware) 28pts vs. Chester County

Jacob Lloyd (Westview) 25pts vs. Milan

Jonathan Avent (South Fulton) 31pts vs. Greenfield

Jamal Hughes (Oakland) 34pts vs. Siegel

Tarius Johnson (Liberty Tech) 27pts vs. Chester County

Casey Prather (Jackson Northside) 41pts vs. Dyer County

Max Arnold (McKenzie) 29pts vs. Carroll Academy

Brandon Herman (Grace Baptist) 25pts vs. CSAS

Johnny Dunavent (Bolton) 29pts vs. Raleigh-Egypt

Wes Clark (Greenfield) 35pts vs. South Fulton

Craig Hill (Cordova) 25pts vs. Mitchell

Todd Mayo (Germantown) 30pts vs. Overton

Reginald Bates (Carver) 26pts vs. Sheffield

Frankie Bougher (CBHS) 25pts vs. St. Benedict

Rico White (Bearden) 30pts vs. Farragut

Lester Wilson (Carter) 44pts vs. Austin East

Austin Hollins (Germantown) 29pts vs. Overton

Tyler Hood (Lenoir City) 31pts vs. William Blount

Shawn Chapman (Campbell County) 32pts vs. Halls

Mitchell Hill (Cookeville) 28pts vs. Cumberland County

Arthur McMillan (Hillsboro) 26pts vs. Centennial

Travai Pryor (Austin East) 28pts vs. Carter

Micah Ballard (William Blount) 25pts vs. Lenoir City

Reece Chamberlain (Beech) 30pts vs. Station Camp

Malcolm Smith (Clarksville Academy) 30pts vs. Merrol Hyde

Braden Matthews (Franklin) 27pts vs. Brentwood

David Woodard (East Robertson) 29pts vs. Houston County

Emmanuel Andrews (Shelbyville) 40pts vs. Columbia Central

DaRonte Clark (Gallatin) 34pts vs. Hendersonville

James Mathis (PJPII) 26pts vs. Aaron Academy

Justin Vogel (Waverly Central) 42pts vs. Cheatham County

Cory Billingsley (Sweetwater) 34pts vs. McMinn Central