Harpeth Play Day…………Be There (Nov. 12th)



Hoops season is officially underway with practice and the return of the play day. Harpeth High School hosts its annual event this Saturday, November 12th with a host of big time teams and players for everyone to catch a first glimpse.


A list of some of the top performers who should participate this Saturday includes:

Daijon Williams (Clarksville)

Alex Poythress (Northeast)

Mason Ramsey (Livingston Academy)

Logan Ramsey (Livingston Academy)

Tre Polk (Bolivar Central)

DeAndre McKinnie (Bolivar Central)

Desmond Robertson (Bolivar Central)

Drew Standifer (Bearden)

Dequan Wright (Bearden)

Billy Hughes (Hunter's Lane)

JaQuan Lewis (Dickson County)

Daniel Norl (Kenwood)

Jamonte Davis (Hillsboro)

Mason Delatour (Pearl Cohn)

Kenny Robertson (Maplewood)

Jacob Saunders (Cheatham County)

Christian Lynn (Goodpasture)

Jalen Lindsey (CPA)

Craig Bradshaw (CPA)

Jake Allsmiller (CPA)

Braxton Bonds (CPA)

Austin Dole (Harpeth)

Ethan Hurt (Harpeth)


Game schedule is as follows:

Main Gym at Harpeth High School


8:00 Clarksville vs. Harpeth

9:00 Northeast vs. Livingston Academy

10:00 Livingston Academy vs. Bolivar Central

11:00 CPA vs. Bearden

12:00 Northeast vs. Bearden

1:00 Bearden vs. Hunter's Lane

2:00 Dickson County vs. CPA

3:00 Kenwood vs. Hillsboro

4:00 CPA vs. Kenwood


Auxiliary Gym at Harpeth High School


8:00 Pearl Cohn vs. Creek Wood

9:00 Pearl Cohn vs. Goodpasture

10:00 Harpeth vs. Goodpasture

11:00 Maplewood vs. Clarksville

12:00 Cheatham County vs. Pearl Cohn

1:00 Sycamore vs. Maplewood

2:00 Creek Wood vs. Goodpasture

3:00 Cheatham County vs. Sycamore

4:00 Harpeth vs. Hillsboro




Main Gym at Harpeth Middle School


8:00 Cheatham County vs. West Creek

9:00 Clarksville vs. Hunter's Lane

10:00 West Creek vs. Creek Wood

11:00 Northeast vs. Hunter's Lane

12:00 Dickson County vs. Livingston Academy

1:00 Kenwood vs. Bolivar Central

2:00 Hillsboro vs. West Creek

3:00 Maplewood vs. Bolivar Central

4:00 Sycamore vs. Dickson County