It is time to "Speak The Truth!"

Yes, I'm finally out of school for good.  I am officially through with high school.  Counting kindergarten, I have had a long 13 years of being in the school system.  My graduation went real well though.  As 1st Vice President of my Senior Class, I had to give the welcoming to all the guests.  I wasn't nervous of all the people because I'm used to playing in front of large crowds anyway. 

I graduated with honors as well as being a Distinguished and Tennessee Scholar.  I finished 16th in my class.  It was some tough competition to get in the top 10.  I received a couple of local schlarships from the community, so I believe that is going to help my college life go along smoothly.

After I received my diploma, I felt loved from family to friends.  I took a lot of pictures, and I finally started smiling for a change.  I usually don't smile when I take pictures as you can see on the homepage...ha.  I was happy though, because I made it.  Family gave me gifts, and I was very thankful.  My first cousin probably gave me one of the best gifts.  She gave me a scrapbook.  Yes, a scrapbook.  She told me that she had been keeping up with all the articles that I was in.  She surprised me.  She had just about every article since I was playing basketball.

I went to the Huddle House to eat after graduation, but a friend and I left the Huddle House because it was packed.  If you didn't know how small Brownsville, TN was, I had to eat a graduation dinner at the most famous restaurant in the world-- McDonalds!!! It still tasted good because I was starving....I am "The Truth"