Franklin: A Study In Consistency

Those who saw the newspaper this weekend probably did'nt pay much mind to Franklin's 64-54 victory over Brentwood.

Franklin fans were happy for the district win but the rest of the state probably didn't make much out of it.

Did you know that going back to the 2005-2006 season the Rebels of Franklin High have won an astouding 44 straight district games. Thats three consectutive regular season 11AAA crowns and two district tourney crowns as well.

The accomplishment is made even more incredible by the fact the current Franklin team is configured with a host of juniors. The Class of 2009 makes up almost 95% of the scoring and boardwork for the Rebels.

The Rebels and Coach Jay Johnson have incredible balance with a different player providing the fireworks on any given night.

In the Brentwood game junior Kevin Kegarise was sidelined with a minor injury and fellow classmate Peyton Henry dropped 19 in his stead. On any given Tuesday or Friday juniors Micheal Young, Jamal Starnes, James Haddix, Daniel Miller-McLemore, Reed Glover or the aforementioned Kegarise or Henry could lead the Rebels in scoring.

Stay plugged in to the continued success of the Franklin boys as they work their way for another 11AAA crown at the conclusion of this regular season.