Elite Camp Rich With Tennessee Flavor

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Players from all over the country gathered at the University of Tennessee for some hoops and instruction this past weekend.

Representing the Volunteer state around 20 players showed they could hoop with the best. Heres their story in numerical order by camp brochure.

Zaccheus Mason (CPA)

Big Z was at his best finishing towards the rim and used his strength for plenty of hard fought buckets. Also showing his much improved ,on the borderline of deadly outside shot, Mason played hard and smart throughout the weekend.

Brandon Herman (Grace Baptist)

A scoring machine is Mr. Herman as his offensive game continues to shine. On the other side of the ball BH plays hard and loves to get in the passing lanes. At his size coaches would like to see a bit more point guard action and a bit less shooting. Which to his credit he did as the camp rolled along.

Kelten Stewart (Wilson Central)

Big Kel was a selfless player in a selfish world this weekend. Using his skill set he did'nt try anything he could'nt do and made the most of his scoring opportunities when they presented themselves. He embraced the point guard role on a team full of scorers and shooters.

Skylar McBee (Grainger)

Hard working and tough, describes his efforts this weekend. Sky seemed a bit off with his shot but played so hard on the defensive end and was a star during the instruction portion as the only player in the camp to volunteer to demonstrate the unorthodox drills from the guest instructor.

Cody Henegar (Marion County)

My first time seeing Mr. Henegar and I came away very impressed. He is athletic, smart, has good hands, nice mid-range shot and plays aggressive even when the atmosphere of the camp was completely guard oriented, as is every camp of this nature. I liked what I saw and will certainly keep him in the crosshairs.

Mitchell Hill (Cookeville)

Man do I wish he was 6'3. Mitch played very well over the weekend showing his unslefish point guard mentality by getting all his shot happy teammates their opps and also found time to knock down some patented lefty jumpers and scored oof transition as well.

Telvin Wilkerson (Melrose)

Great body, powerful and able to get himself to the bucket with ease. Also capable of knocking down the outside shot with some regularity. This Class of 2011 mainstay is certainl;y a riser in this class.

Jeremy Sexton (Temple)

So smooth you sometimes take him for granted. Look at the stat sheet after the games and you will say he did what it seems so effortless. Very comfortable going to the bucket, solid of the defensive end, I wish he was more visible to the college coaches during the summer campaign.

Cory Stanton (Springfield)

Very heady young player with quickness and sparkling effort on both sides of the ball. Showed he could run a squad even in these circumstances. Another player who would benefit from a strong summer run in front of the masses.

Tromarcus Toney (Melrose)

Proved to be one of the best shooters in the camp with some big time shooting stats including 7 in one contest. Will be called upon to help lead his very young Melrose squad this season and showed some leadership this weekend.

Steve Cook (Chattanooga Christian)

The quintessential point guard. Steve leads by example and always has strong encouraging words for his bigs and others. Has improved his outside shot dramatically and is one tough defender to boot.

Jamal King (Cleveland)

Nice surprise with his good size and ability to score off the bounce. King made some nice forays to the glass and knocked down a few mid-range jumpers to keep things honest. Pleasant surprise.

Jordan Rorex (Anderson County)

Let me be the first to say for someone who hasn't picked up a ball this summer, Rorex was nice. His defensive effort shown first and he scored at will going to the bucket or hitting his floater in the lane. When he picks his sport or chooses to go with both, he will make someone a happy coach.

Ish Sanders (Cleveland)

Still stroking that J and gets more offensive putbacks for a little guy than anyone I've seen in a while. Ish has his offensive skills down pat must get more out of his athletic ability on the defensive side of the ball.

Jalen Steele (Fulton)

All the stories are true. Jalen is big time. His shot is like so smooth, be it a three or mid-range. He loves the short corner or the floater in the lane. Has improved so much on defense and is a high major prospect right now.

Lester Wilson (Carter)

Athletic and aggressive, describe the antics of Mr. Wilson. Has a knack for the offensive putback and showed signs of improving his jumper. His game is athleticism and he should ride that for all it is worth.

James Gallman (Fulton)

Who wouldn't love to have this guy. Tough as nails on the defensive end regardless of his opposition. His outside shot is picturesque and he knows and understands the game from aleadership role.

Nino Johnson (Melrose)

Good size and quick feet describe this Memphis youngster. Can score facing the bucket or with his back to the basket. Proved he belonged with his efforts this weekend.

Adonis Thomas (Melrose)

WOW!!!!!!!!! What else can be said for this Class of 2011 prodigy. Fully recovered from a bad back which sidelined him earlier this summer, Adonis is proving he's a top 10 player in this class nationally. His athletic feats are astounding around the bucket and his knowledge of the game is weLl above his age group.

Cody Clarke (Alabama)

Wanted to give mention to Cody as he begins his new life in Alabama. Clarke played well and has shown some improvement on the perimeter. I wish him good luck as he begin his new venture in Alabama and he will be missed by the Volunteer faithful.